Future-proof mobile access control

A safer workplace starts at the door. Automate security procedures and enforce compliance with touchless access control capabilities and best-in-class safety features, enhanced by our strategic partnerships and integrations.

  • Hands-free access
  • Enforce wellness verification
  • Occupancy management
  • Contact tracing
  • Temperature screening integrations
  • Contactless elevator integrations

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Next Generation, Frictionless Mobile Access Control

openpath access control features

Fastest, most reliable mobile access

Triple Unlock technology means a faster unlock and never needing to worry if the Internet is down or cell service is weak.

Remote system management
Manage your database from any web browser, on any device, wherever you are.

Open framework allows you to integrate with all the systems you use everyday. From directory services and visitor management software to other legacy access control systems and building automation tools–it all works together.

Easy to install
Works with standard wiring and doesn’t require any servers or a dedicated IP network for a fast, frictionless install.

openpath handsfree access control

Complete Access Security Solutions for Every Environment

Contactless mobile access control technology that scales from a single door to multi-site enterprises – all monitored remotely from one effortless interface.

Commercial Real Estate

Mobile access control is an amenity tenants value and use every day. Differentiate your property with frictionless mobile access to attract and retain the highest quality tenants.

An access control solution designed to fit your needs and grow with you. Integrate with the systems you use to run your business every day.

Multi-Family Residential
Enhance the tenant experience with one credential for shared spaces, parking garages, and elevators. Flexible zone sharing, permissions, and visitor management for property managers.

Keep up with constant staff changes and turnover by updating credential privileges instantly.

House of Worship
Solve for increased security, visitor management, flexible schedules, and ever-changing credential needs with a single system.

Improve campus security, activate lockdown instantaneously from a remote device, manage visitors, and monitor the system remotely. A Flexible Lockdown solution is offered at no extra charge to all education and non-profit organizations.

Easy Management - Scalable to Many Sites

No matter what your requirements, we can configure a system for you. With flexible deployment options, Openpath has a solution for you no matter what your requirements. Whether you’re adding an upgrade alongside an existing system or need a complete enterprise grade access control solution, Openpath can completely modernize the accessibility of any building.

Access control installation options

Whether you have one building with legacy access control already installed, or multiple buildings with a range of different access control systems, our solution can streamline and modernize your entire organization.

Standalone system

Need an entirely new access control system? Build one from the ground up and secure your building or space with the convenience of next-gen technology. Our signature, patented technology ensures fast, reliable, hands-free mobile access, and features we haven’t stopped thinking up yet.

Choose your way in
End to end security encryption. Choose between Hands-free entry, mobile app, keycard, fob, and watch credentials.

Remote access
Unlock entries, activate a lockdown plan, and send temporary guest access instantly from any mobile device.

Cloud based enterprise software
Seamlessly integrate with your most used programs, access real-time reporting anytime from any place.

Completely customizable
Create your own locking schedules, permissions, and zones for single or multi-site locations.

Easily scales and easy to install
Using standard RS-485 wiring and cloud based software makes for quick, frictionless install and implementation.

Integrate existing system

Looking to add mobile and cloud capabilities to your legacy system? Our solution is backwards compatible, allowing you to leverage your existing system, while adding mobile and cloud-ready technology. For those who need multi-site solutions, this option delivers seamless access across all sites.

Modernize your building with cloud and mobile
Add alongside your legacy system for instant cloud software and mobile credential capabilities.

No new wiring needed
Connect to your original panel with plug-and-play install.

Your fobs, our fobs, mobile, and hands-free entry
Everything works together! Mix and match any combination of your legacy credentials and our encrypted credentials all in a single site or across multiple locations.

Built to integrate with the tools and systems you already use
G Suite, Okta, Braxos, OneLogin, Active Directory, LenelS2, Bosch, Honeywell, AMAG, Software House, RS2 Technologies, AXIS Communications, Gallagher, Kantech, C•CURE, Paxton, Maxxess, Open Options, and more.


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This study investigates: pain points, security, and the smart office of the modern workplace.

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Openpath Product Overview

Access control leader Openpath product overview.

Let PTS Help Secure your Workplace

We can help your organization provide easily-managed and secure site access.  Our solution will protect both your employees and visitors, offering contactless entry to minimize contamination. Access can be monitored and controlled from a simple-to-use interface.

A safer workplace starts at the door.

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