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A video surveillance system is a critical component of an organization’s comprehensive security strategy. Whether you  are managing one location or many, an effective video surveillance system can protect your employees, your property, and can provide key insights into your business operations.

IP System

Not surprisingly, the world of networked connectivity has quickly pervaded the professional security industry. Professional IP video surveillance cameras have been around for over ten years, and have been an integral part of networked solutions for the broadcast, professional video, computer, and consumer product categories even longer. With networked solutions as a proven area of core expertise, PTS can deliver innovative video surveillance and security solutions with more performance and functionality plus all the quality and reliability that have made PTS a recognized leader.

Physical Security Monitoring
Physical Security Monitoring Video Surveillance

Analog System

Analog imaging technology is still evolving – and getting better. PTS continues to support the multitude of analog systems in operation with new imaging and recording breakthroughs that enhance capabilities and add more value. PTS can provide versatile interconnectivity capabilities for analog equipment with IP infrastructure for system control and remote monitoring.

Hybrid System

PTS, along with our physical security partners, offers a wide range of hybrid products and technologies to make your migration to a networked platform easy and cost-efficient. A variety of encoders and decoders not only bridge analog and IP platforms, they actually enhance system capabilities by enabling advanced features and capabilities beyond what is possible with analog infrastructure. Enabled performance features include built-in video analytics, HD throughput, multi-format output for viewing and recording and multiplexing to accommodate multiple cameras. PTS can effectively integrate hybrid capabilities to provide more than just an interim solution, but can empower your platform of choice to evolve when and how you need it to.

Physical Security Monitoring
Physical Security Monitoring

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