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No need to carry anything but your own identity

We can help your organization provide easily-managed and secure site access.  Our solution will protect both your employees and visitors, offering contactless entry to minimize contamination. Access can be monitored and controlled from a simple-to-use interface.

Using a unique fusion of biometric identification technologies, including facial, voice and body behavioral analytics, biometric software identifies users quickly and accurately, eliminating the need to slow down, swipe a card, or present ID.

Physical Security Access Control Biometrics
Physical Security Access Control Biometrics

Registered users experience seamless access as they are identified at a distance and in motion. Users simply look at the camera, and authorized individuals are granted access, while those unauthorized are barred entrance.

Access software is an open system that uses standard hardware and is easily integrated with many other existing access control systems and infrastructures in a variety of physical locations.

Physical Security Access Control Biometrics
Physical Security Face Detection

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Our Physical Security Solutions offer a turnkey approach to address all your physical security needs, utilizing cutting edge technologies.

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