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In this fast-paced world of nearly unlimited access, providing a secure access solution for facilities, places and information is vital. Companies need a solution that is seamless, accurate and able to suitably meet their access control needs.

PTS Physical Security Solutions offers a turnkey solution to address all your access management needs.

We offer advanced facial recognition capability for various applications such as door access to your buildings and data centers. This product line has been proven reliable with apartment complexes, data centers, schools and other facilities where this level of security is required. Facial recognition software is truly a marvel to see. Contact PTS to schedule an on-site demo.

Physical Security Access Control Biometrics

Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control utilizes unique identification technology including: facial recognition, voice recognition, or body behavioral analytics to quickly and accurately identify users at a distance and/or in motion.  This eliminates the need to slow down, swipe a card, or present ID in order to gain access.

Non-Biometric Access Control

Non-Biometric Access Control covers access control that is not related to scanned physical characteristics of users.  Card reader/scanner systems, coupled with software systems can be adapted to match the level of security your installation demands.

Physical Security Access Control Biometrics

Physical Security Services

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PTS plans, designs, builds, implements, manages, and services award-winning solutions for technology-intensive environments.

Our Physical Security Solutions offer a turnkey approach to address all your physical security needs, utilizing cutting edge technologies.

Contact us for a quick chat to discuss how a smarter and safer design for your workplace can save you money.

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