What is PoE LED Lighting?

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting is at the core of this digital building revolution. PoE lighting merges technological advances in low voltage (DC) LED lighting with technological advances in PoE IP networking. The integration of these advances creates an exciting Internet of Things (IoT) component that could provide significant cost savings and unforeseen benefits to the way we work and live.

Top 8 Reasons to Use PoE LED Lights in Your Next Commercial Lighting Project

power over ethernet poe led lighting

PoE LED lighting systems consist of: PoE switches, lighting controls, sensors, and LED fixtures connected to IP-based local area networks (LANs) over twisted pair cables (e.g., Cat6, Cat6a, etc.). Lighting controls allow end users to mirror the features of daylight to promote health, productivity, and collaboration using a broad spectrum of visual frequencies.

Analyzing the data collected from motion sensors enables organizations to better monitor and control their energy consumption. Individuals and organizations are already leveraging these benefits in homes, work environments, academic and hospitality settings, and especially in medical treatment facilities.

power over ethernet poe led lighting

What is a PoE Switch?

A PoE Switch is a network switch with the ability to provide power over Ethernet from each interface, while still being able to forward frames. Both managed and unmanaged PoE switches are available. A PoE switch requires one Uplink to an existing network to further expand and increase ports.

power over ethernet poe led lighting switch

What are the benefits of PoE Lighting?

  • Powers devices on the same network used for data communications
  • Easier installation
  • Cost effective installation
  • Easier network management
  • Uses smart power technologies
  • Uses DC power
  • Higher reliability
  • Higher power transfer efficiency
  • Ability to perform power/energy management

Industrial PoE Applications

Industrial PoE applications help developers stay competitive. Sensors and IP cameras allow managers to observe manufacturing floors to monitor automated equipment and employee behaviors. This watchdog capability is an essential to lean manufacturing development. PoE also facilitates large data transfer and power distribution to key areas.

  • Safety compliance can be better documented eliminating accidents in work areas.
  • Sensors help monitor accuracy along assembly lines and eliminate waste.
  • Loading docks, inventory rooms, and other key areas, even those without a local power source,  can be tracked and improved using footage capturing employee transitions and down times.
  • Sensors can track things not visible to the eye such as temperature changes, protecting products at vulnerable stages of development.

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