23 Aug 2012

23 Aug 2012

The Importance of Data Center Site Cleaning


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Why Invest in Data Center Cleaning?
Is It Really Critical to Professionally Clean My Mission Critical Facilities?
Data Center Cleaning
is NOT about the aesthetic appeal of a clean, dust-free environment. Rather, investing to maintain a clean data center is a vital service that can sustain the maximum operational life span of IT infrastructure equipment. The primary benefit to professionally cleaning a data center is increased reliability, up-time, and extended IT infrastructure life. Dust and dirt buildup at the server fan air intake can cause fan failure or static discharge inside electronic equipment. By eliminating dust and dirt buildup, system reliability and up-time is ultimately increased. In addition, by eliminating dust and dirt buildup, the thermal output of server and storage components can be reduced and, therefore, reduce cooling requirements.

PTS Data Center Solutions experienced cleaning crews are well aware of the caution that must be employed in an active data center environment during regular cleanings. After data center construction is complete, PTS will thoroughly clean above and below the raised floor paying particular attention to components that have a strong attraction to dust. In addition to post construction cleaning, PTS strongly recommends regular cleanings throughout the life of the data center.

  • Encapsulation of sub floor to eliminate concrete powdering
  • Systematic vacuuming to remove dirt, dust, and contaminants
  • Anti-static cleaning and machine scrubbing of high pressure laminate raised floor surfaces
  • Damp wiping of environmental equipment and counter surfaces
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Ramp and tile floor landing waxing

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  1. piratenotninja on 30th Oct 2012

    So important but not fun to do at all! BTW I found you guys from this dud lol http://greenmonk.net/2011/04/08/top-10-data-center-blogs/#comment-7063

  2. Jack Harrison on 28th Nov 2012

    Being someone who has worked in data center management for a number of years I can absolutely confirm that maintenance and cleaning of the data center is extremely important. It can sometimes be quite difficult to keep a data center clean (both aesthetically and digitally), but there are some great DCIM software solutions out there that can help do the trick.

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