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25 Jul 2017

Free ebook: Upgrade your IT Systems to Maximize Business Potential

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Free ebook: Upgrade your IT Systems to Maximize Business Potential

Are you and your staff wasting valuable time on run-of-the-mill tasks due to a sluggish network that struggles to handle routine traffic? Is adding more users likely to add more burden to your struggling infrastructure? Your business might be overdue for an IT system upgrade. If you put it off any longer, you might end more...

29 Jun 2016

Technical Support

PTS IT Technical Support Services provide comprehensive hardware and software support, such as hardware and software implementation and installation; operational support; data center planning and support. PTS strategic problem solvers offer you best-of-class support. The PTS Call Management Center is staffed 24×7, with onsite technical support. To learn more about infrastructure solutions and services, contact more...

20 Jun 2016

Support Infrastructure Equipment Services

PTS is an infrastructure solutions provider specializing in highly available, scalable, redundant and manageable, turnkey solutions for IT environments from utility-to-desktop. PTS specializes in products & services that integrate into solutions for a host of IT-centric environments including; facility-wide generator & UPS solutions, data centers, server rooms/closets, MDFs, IDFs, wiring/network closets, phone rooms, network operation more...

15 Feb 2016

Data Center Implementation Services

Data Center Implementation Services

IT Implementation Services for Data Centers, Computer Rooms, and Server Rooms After the data center is constructed and facility supporting infrastructure such as UPS, cooling, racks, cabling and power distribution in place and commissioned, PTS supports the orderly implementation of IT infrastructure. PTS technical staff leverages our proven methodology that ensures the delivery of efficient, effective services. more...