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When it comes to server room design, PTS’ broad range of specialized project experience within the data center provides our clients with results that guarantee enhanced scalability, flexibility and server availability. Server room design must minimize single point of failure and offer predictable uptime by incorporating concurrent maintainability and fault-tolerance against failures in which a component must be replaced.

  • Have you designed and built a Mission Critical Facility before?
  • Are you aware of the latest approaches to designing highly sustainable Mission Critical Server Rooms?
  • During prior projects, has the final capital spend far outweighed the budget?

We begin the server room design process by working with the client to determine the business’s server room objectives, power and cooling density, and availability expectations. Our experts thoroughly survey the existing systems and facility. Working with your IT and facility staff, we identify and quantify your server room design needs. By combining this knowledge with our understanding of the trends and migrations strategies required in adapting to future changes, PTS designs your server room to accommodate new technological offerings while remaining in an operational, steady state. Finally, PTS develops a conceptual server room design from which we develop construction budgets and time lines.

In evaluating an effective server room design, it is important to measure failure recovery time from the perspectives of both the network and the application to ensure a predictable network recovery time for the user. Because we take environmental factors into account, PTS’ server room designs provide the power, cooling, redundancy and future growth that you need. Our strength in the planning stages ensures your company will receive a sophisticated and successfully designed server room. Capitalize on PTS’ design expertise and experience by letting us continue to serve your company throughout the implementation and maintenance process.

PTS’ programs for mission critical server room development begin by identifying the key design criteria (KDCs) for the two (2) main areas of the project focus within the facility: the Technology Infrastructure (IT) and the Support Infrastructure (the Facility). Following is a visual aid supporting our approach and how PTS maps out the critical design elements or key design criteria needed to successfully meet management server room sustainability objectives.

CRD Planning Feasibility

Our approach includes completing the first 5 steps of the PTS server room design process including Needs Analysis, Site Surveys (if needed), Assessment of the facility to support sustainability requirements, planning of how to improve the facility or design a new facility to meet the sustainability requirements, and complete design and engineering. Following is a flow of the steps through the PTS process:

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By approaching server room design from this perspective, PTS is able to avoid costly mistakes down the road which lead to costly project change orders, missed schedules or designs which don’t meet the true customer requirements.

With many years of experience and hundreds of server room designs completed, PTS is able to meet project scope, schedule, and budget first developed in the feasibility phase (Needs, Survey, Assess, and Plan). After review and approval by the client PTS is able to move forward with a variety of engineering services to deliver a computer room to meet your requirements.

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