Heat removal is an essential environmental component of server rooms, yet poor design choices prevent many air conditioning systems from operating at peak efficiency. The availability and reliability of IT services hinge on the continued operation of cooling and heat rejection systems. Many factors contribute to proper server room cooling, including:

  • Heat load profile
  • Suspended ceiling height
  • Raised-floor depth
  • Equipment layout
  • Engineered piping to connect the devices
  • Sufficient electricity and wiring to power the system

As part of our consulting services, PTS can survey your server room to analyze the efficiency of your existing cooling systems, make recommendations for improvements, and offer continuing maintenance suggestions to extend the life of the air conditioning systems. As a result, our services will minimize the frequency and severity of unexpected system failures.

Our broad range of project experience enables PTS to develop precision cooling solutions that align with your IT objectives. To sidestep outages due to power loss, PTS can provide on-site power generators, sized to handle the server rooms cooling and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) equipment. Typically, air conditioners are not connected to the server rooms UPS system. However, by connecting the server room air conditioners and condensers to the generator, backup power is available and heat build up is minimized until the power returns. If budgets allow, we usually recommend further protecting the server room by providing N+1 redundancy for all air conditioning equipment.

No matter what the air conditioning needs of your server room, you will need a reputable consulting engineer, mechanical contractor, and electrical contractor to design and install the right system. With the help of PTS turnkey services, your company can successfully manage the specification, installation, and operation of its server room air conditioning technology.

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