It’s been an exciting past few months here at PTS! We celebrated the opening of our new home in Oakland, NJ, and our proud to introduce our PTS Cloud Services. In this newsletter, I’d like to share my thoughts about our relocation, along with some product recommendations (both IT & Facilities). Please check out our events section for information about our upcoming Office Warming Party. Hope to see you there!


Pete Sacco
President & Founder
PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc
Experts For Your Always Available Data Center

Our New Home, Our New Cloud
You might have heard of our most exciting milestone to date: the design & construction of our new home! After almost 15 years of operating out of Franklin Lakes, NJ, the PTS companies including PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc., PTS Information Technology Solutions Group, Inc., and PTS Design & Engineering, Inc., relocated its headquarters to a completely renovated 45,000 square foot facility located in nearby Oakland, NJ.

From start to finish, PTS relied entirely on in-house expertise for the new innovative and technology-centric headquarters. PTS staff handled planning, facility architectural and engineering, network and IT systems design and implementation, data cable plant and pathway design and installation, facility construction management, commissioning, and equipment migration planning and execution.

Part of the new facility showcases cutting-edge office space, including multiple conference rooms that offer an array of audio/visual functions, a functioning network operations center, an IT build room, and warehouse facilities for PTS’ growing staff of experts.

In addition, PTS has constructed a groundbreaking, state-of-the-art Cloud Data Center to facilitate the launch of its new cloud service offerings: CloudShare, CloudBreak, and CloudCover. These solutions provide businesses with the flexibility to access a dedicated environment from anywhere in the world in a way that suits their operations, with the assurance that their important data is secure and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, these cloud options are accompanied by managed services tailored to each customer’s needs.

In future months, PTS plans to add additional cloud data centers, colocation space, and worksite recovery space to accommodate the disaster recovery and business continuity needs of their clients.

PTS’ new facility is located at 16 Thornton Road, Oakland, New Jersey 07436. Feel free to pay us a visit at any time!

Enlogic Dual Locking IEC Power Cords Protect Against Accidental Power Loss on Both Ends

  • Cords lock on both the PDU and ITE end when used with any Enlogic or APC® AP8000 Series PDU.
  • The locking tab feature of the power cord plugs into the PDU and ITE outlets (similar to Ethernet cable) without any need for supplemental retaining clips.
  • Standard stock lengths & colors are readily available. And custom lengths and colors are available in C13-C14, C19-C20 and C13-C20 configurations.

Enlogic PDU’s now available in the US with industry leading features

  • UL Listed Hot-Swappable NMC can be changed without any risk of power loss to PDU
  • Premium Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers for harsh environments and PDU’s rated for up to 60°C
  • Energy Efficient Design under full load emits a typical power loss of 20W (for a 208V 30A PDU) vs. 40-80+W with competitor models
  • Low Profile Chassis at only 1.97″ (for 30A and 60A models)
  • +/- 1% Billing-grade Metering consistent in extreme operating conditions

Learn more about Enlogic products here

Barracuda Message Archiver 

The Barracuda Message Archiver is ideal in reducing email storage requirements and boosting user productivity with direct mobile or desktop access to all emails. In addition, the Barracuda Message Archiver also provides a powerful, yet simple platform for eDiscovery and compliance.  The Barracuda Message Archiver can be backed up with Barracuda Backup and can share messages via Copy file sync and share services.


  • Enhances mobile user access
  • Simplifies e-mail management
  • Streamlines eDiscovery and Compliance

Learn more about Barracuda Mail Archiver here

About The PTS Companies

Proven Design Principles, Process Driven Execution, Experience, and Innovative Thinking

With everything PTS does, it believes in challenging the status quo. PTS chooses to think differently by believing every company, no matter the size, can operate its own highly effective, resilient, and easy to manage data center network and facility. The PTS team knows it can be done simply and for a reasonable cost because it has done so many times. To ensure success every time, PTS has evolved a four-fold strategy which is the core of all PTS’ companies – Proven Design Principles, Process Driven Execution, Experience, and Innovative Thinking. Further, PTS understands the proper balance between in-sourcing and out-sourcing facilities, technology, and people.

Experts for Your Always Available Data Center

PTS has world class design, engineering, construction, installation, operations, and management staff across both facility and IT disciplines. PTS also has the facilities and IT experience, having integrated and tested many of the best-of-breed technologies the industry has to offer in our very own data center lab. In short, PTS is the Expert for Your Always Available Data Center.

Integrated Data Center Facility and IT Expertise

With a proven process for understanding and addressing client needs, as well as integrated facilities and IT experience and expertise, PTS offers a unique vantage point for executing data center, computer room, and network operations center projects with a proven process for understanding and addressing client needs.

In every engagement, PTS applies a disciplined, consultative approach to systematically survey and assess the situation and then develop effective plans for seizing opportunities and overcoming obstacles. And, PTS offers a full complement of services – from business strategy and planning to facilities engineering to IT design and implementation – to help transform those plans into reality.
PTS works to fulfill its mission of creating satisfied customers by emphasizing planning and pre-construction services to provide the optimal people, process, and technology solutions to meet clients’ needs. The result is an early and accurate alignment between scope, schedule, and budget.