Over the last several years of disasters and cleanup, I’ve been surprised by the reluctance of many small and mid-size businesses to invest in true Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions. Given the loss of equipment, data, and revenue from the NY metropolitan hurricanes, I fully expected more clients to request help to eliminate downtime.

As it turns out, even with relatively low costs for co-location or DR space in an offsite facility, I believe many of these business owners have decided to avoid the monthly expense of co-location when space is generally available in their own location due to downsized employees. This E-Bulletin discusses this topic and whether Company Owned Computer Room Build-Outs are escalating again.

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Are Company Owned Computer Room Deployments Making a Comeback?
Like many other market sectors, the data center space has its ebbs and flows. The latest trend and forecast is that cloud computing and colocation are continuing to grow in popularity and one day, due to cloud’s promise of ubiquitous computer platforms, could nullify the need for company-premise-built data centers or computer rooms. That said, this promise has lingered for some time now without being realized. In fact, at PTS we see a different, more recent trend.

For example, in the last several years, the northeastern U.S. has experienced substantial utility outages due to inclement weather (Hurricanes Irene in 2011 and Sandy in 2012). Given these extended outages, for over a year now, PTS has been called upon to engineer and install more whole-facility backup power generation systems than ever before. Further, and in keeping with Levitt and Dubner’s position in their book Freakonomics, that there is a hidden side to everything – so it seems to be the case with this whole-building generator boom.

For small- and mid-size companies, installing a generator is the single highest CAPEX obstacle to realizing a corporate computer room (what PTS refers to as a “Tenant-Space Computer Room”). However, it’s those very companies that have realized their operations (much less their computer rooms) cannot go without power for an extended period of time and as a result are installing whole-facility backup power systems. What was once the largest financial impediment to computer room ownership is now gone. Along with this is the promise of eliminating the ever increasing OPEX of an outsourced IT model.

At the same time, given IT’s ability to deliver operational resiliency, CIOs and CFOs alike are realizing not every data center facility needs to operate as a Tier IV bunker. It’s even more premature to state that cloud computing is taking over. PTS is actually experiencing a resurgence in company built and operated data centers and computer rooms. As such, you can almost hear Yogi Berra’s immortal words, “it ain’t over ’til it’s over”.

It is likely the industry will hit a stasis point between in-sourced and out-sourced data center facility and IT operations. Many enterprises already have (or will have) a hybrid model whereby some applications are cloud based (i.e., while others are housed in company owned and operated data centers.

PTS, too, is currently undergoing a transformation by including our own cloud data center site and services offering as part of our new HQ facility build. This offering will complement our client premise-based IT and facility solutions. This way, PTS will be prepared for whichever way the wind blows (pun intended).

If you are considering expanding your data center or adding a generator to improve expected uptime, it may be prudent to reach out to a professional data center design & engineering team to discuss your requirements, options, and costs. Also, there are a variety of issues that should be discussed prior to considering a generator deployment for any enterprise.

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