Audio-Visual, or A/V, design and equipment has evolved dramatically over the years. PTS design engineers have stayed abreast of the changes and, when coupled with the 11-step PTS A/V Project Process, provide comprehensive A/V services, solutions, implementation, management, and maintenance capabilities.

Whether your project involves building a Network Operations Center (NOC), creating conference rooms for executive management use, or building video walls on Broadway, PTS can support your A/V project requirements.

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High End Video Wall Solutions (and other A/V solutions)
Just stroll through Times Square in New York City and you will notice the changes that have occurred in Digital Signage over the last decade. No longer must marketers squeeze their messages and videos into a single screen. Rather, state-of-the-art digital signage has evolved to the point where sophisticated controllers and ultra-thin bezels allow many screens to act as one large screen, or, when desired, many individual screens.

Broadway NYC Video Signage

PTS design engineers and A/V experts have developed a process to support A/V requirements and design for many applications including:

  • Network Operations Center management and operations platforms
  • Video Walls for use in commercial applications in major cities
  • Board rooms for mid to large enterprises

PTS’ approach begins with a complete survey and assessment of the client’s project goals. PTS interviews the client, architect, facility management, operations, and IT stakeholders to identify requirements and obstacles the A/V system needs to address. PTS’ 11 step A/V Systems project process is used to stay on track and to assess the needs and design for display mounting, control system, A/V rack & cable routing, and integration within a client’s network and environment. From there, PTS’ expert A/V deployment teams procure and install best-in-class solutions for any budget.

Network Operations Center
PTS A/V Design Documentation

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