Even today, the continued separation of facility and IT operations and management can make it difficult to design and build a data center that supports current and future IT requirements. Silos between facility and IT create artificial roadblocks and misunderstandings, as well as missed opportunities for efficient and effective data center, computer room, server room, and network operations center designs.

Having lived and breathed this problem for more than 15 years, I came to the realization it was critical to bridge the gap between facility and IT organizations. This month’s e-newsletter takes a look at the problem and its effect on building both small and large data centers.

I welcome your feedback on the facility & IT issue and, as always, please think of us for your other data center projects — whether infrastructure, facility, or IT related.

Pete Sacco

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With the sophistication of today’s IT infrastructure and myriad of choices available to support effective and efficient data center design, careful planning, feasibility testing, and relevant experience is paramount to designing a data center, computer room, or server room.

To be able to appropriately design a mission critical space to support IT requirements for today as well as the next 3-5 years, fully understanding the organization’s and IT’s key design criteria (KDC) is the first step in a successful design approach.

PTS Data Center Solutions

Key design requirements may be broken into availability requirements (i.e. What is your acceptable level of downtime risk?), power & cooling density (i.e. What types of IT infrastructure will be deployed now and in the near future? What are the power and cooling requirements of this infrastructure?), and business objectives (i.e. Will the facility need to be expandable in the future? How long should the lease be? etc.).

By answering the questions in terms of both the IT and facility supporting infrastructure, a successful data center design may be completed. PTS’ approach begins with a thorough planning & feasibility phase prior to implementation of architectural and engineering services. This approach leverages the first phases of the PTS data center project process for successful planning, leading into cohesive design services, which support client requirements.

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By approaching server room design from this perspective, PTS is able to avoid costly mistakes down the road which lead to costly project change orders, missed schedules, or designs which do not meet the true customer requirements.

Small, medium, and large data center design approaches may be similar or differ dramatically. PTS’ proven design approach considers disparate needs in terms of facility size and delivers a solution to appropriately fit the client’s requirements.

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Global Corporate Xpansion (GCX) Magazine, Spring 2013

As digital technology advances and the world grows more interconnected, the boom in ‘big data’ is continuing at an astounding pace… “When it comes to data center design and operation, there are many factors that come into play, so there’s no set approach,” says Larry Davis, vice president, IT Solutions Group, PTS Data Center Solutions.”

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PTS Named to CRN’s 2013 Data Center 100

Friday, February 15, 2013

CRN’s annual Data Center 100 shines a light on the key technology vendors that are powering today’s data center with everything from data backup tools to virtual data center solutions to cloud hosting services. CRN presents the 100 vendors that comprise the 2013 Data Center 100, broken into five categories: Infrastructure, Virtualization, Hosts, Designers and Tools. PTS Data Center Solutions was named as one of the Top 20 Data Center Designers by CRN.

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