Well, summer is over and many of us are planning and developing data center and IT budgets for 2013. With that in mind, this month’s issue focuses on data center assessments. What better way to determine budgets for 2013 than to have data center design experts apply their tried and true approach to: assessing, creating recommendations for improvement, and providing detailed line-item budgets for acquisition of equipment and implementation or commissioning.

Along with an overview of the PTS Data Center Assessment process, we are happy to present the Powertron Global™ PermaFrost NMR™ solution, a technology proven to enhance the performance for most A/C systems found in the data center.

And, as always, please think of us for your next data center project — whether it is infrastructure, facility, or IT related.

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PTS Story: The PTS Data Center Assessment Approach
The PTS Data Center Assessment process is a proven approach to reviewing and analyzing data center issues and providing recommendations, which will shore up these problems as well as consider future requirements.

By going beyond the simple issues of power deficiencies and hot spots, PTS leverages our 11-step process to review all aspects of the space in terms of power, space, cooling, management, security, and many other areas.

Data center and/or computer room project assessment and cost estimating are accomplished by identifying the key design criteria for the two (2) main areas of the project focus within the overall data center infrastructure and services: the Technology Infrastructure & Services (IT) and the Support Infrastructure & Services (the Facility). The key design criteria are shown in the following table:

To learn more about these criteria critical to assessing a data center, computer room, or server room, visit here.

After identification of the key design criteria required to build the “needs” or requirements of the facility, we are ready to move forward with site surveys. Information availability is critically important and the goal of PTS’ evaluation, planning, and data center assessment services is to identify obstacles and recommend solutions for redundant and fault-tolerant network & support infrastructure for mission critical environments. Our methodology combines the business and technology expertise needed to ensure recommendations will have a major positive impact on the facility and budgets are realistic and can be implemented.

A comprehensive facility inspection to assess the ability of the space and support infrastructure to provide continuous availability and meet key design criteria includes:

  • Evaluation of the site (location, access to redundant power/network connectivity)
  • A site inspection
  • Evaluation of the load capacity constraints
  • Identification of critical deficiencies and potential downtime risks
  • Assessment of the concurrent maintenance capacity of the site

Recommendations for improvements and a comparison to the identified business objectives are then created. Finally, a cost estimate is generated based on the retrofits as required to meet the business objectives.

PTS Assessment Reports are available at three different detail levels: comprehensive, standard, and lite. Each provides a written report of findings and recommendations for improvement.

Extensions of our base Data Center Assessment Services include:Data Center Availability and Risk Assessments, Data Center Energy Usage Assessments, Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessments, Data Center Thermography Assessments, and various IT-related assessment services.

Contact PTS for additional information or to access our Site Assessment Services brochures.

PTS Data Center Solutions Showcase:Powertron Global PermaFrost NMR Refrigeration Solutions
Powertron Global™ offers PermaFrost NMR™ Refrigeration Solutions in synthetic and non-synthetic formulations. PermaFrost Nucleo Molecular Regenerative (NMR) technology was designed to improve the performance for any A/C, refrigeration system, or heat pump without modification or alterations. The NMR technology uses nanotechnology to increase SEER, COP, and Delta T through thermo-conductive metal enhancement.

PermaFrost NMR has been deployed for clients to improve energy efficiency in a 16-ton Liebert Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) unit supporting mission critical data center operations.

For one such deployment, the improved/restored efficiency attributable to PermaFrost NMR was substantial. Overall efficiency improved by 13.5% and the EER improved by 20.4%. There was an increase in coil capacity of 25,920 in Btuh which equates to gaining more than 2-tons of capacity or 15.7%. There is also an improvement of 2.1 degrees F in Delta T (difference between supply and return air) and an overall reduction in kWh and Watts per ton of 16.9%.

The PermaFrost solutions are designed to remove heat from the metal surface, accelerate refrigerant flow, increase thermo-conductivity and transfer heat more efficiently throughout the equipment. PermaFrost’s NMR sophisticated molecular composition passivates and stabilizes all metal components throughout the system, allowing the refrigerant to absorb and dissipate heat at an accelerated rate.

PermaFrost NMR allows the unit to achieve set temperatures faster while drawing less energy, allowing the compressor, condenser and evaporator to perform at their utmost design efficiency. Installation does not require any down time of the HVAC equipment.

For data center use, PermaFrost NMR is available for Direct Exchange (DX) and Chiller units.

Learn more about the PermaFrost NMR

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