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As one of the largest providers of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) solutions in the nation for small- and mid-size businesses, PTS has a unique perspective on the UPS market sector. Specifically, PTS sources solutions from the key manufacturers of UPS products including Schneider Electric (APC), Eaton Corporation, and Emerson Network Power (Liebert).

This vendor agnostic approach allows PTS to provide clients with a rich understanding of which solutions are right for a particular situation. This E-Bulletin provides an overview of the PTS evaluation process in terms recommendations for UPS configurations based upon availability and data center Tier class.

We also provide an overview of our UPS portfolio and give insight into the various service components PTS provides throughout the product life cycle for a UPS.

If you want to discuss your requirements for UPS solutions, feel free to call me or any of our certified data center engineering professionals.


Pete Sacco

President & Founder

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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Configuration Availability Rankings
Before you can decide upon a UPS in terms of design or vendor, PTS believes it’s critical to understand the expected level of availability for types of UPSs.

Reliance on technology has elevated data center availability from a lofty goal to an absolute necessity. As such, the configuration of the UPS system is vitally important in achieving high-availability with respect to power in the data center. In broad strokes, UPS system availability may be summarized by the following table:

PTS’ conclusion is that UPS configurations depend upon a number of factors including: level of availability required/desired (i.e. Tier class), IT load requirements, power input, and budget. Understanding these factors and their impact on UPS configuration and design will result in a suitable UPS purchase to meet user and IT load requirements.

For a complete white paper on the subject, please visit the PTS Media Library (log-in required) or contact us to receive a complimentary PDF.

UPS Market Landscape
There are a number of design and acquisition decisions to make when considering the procurement of a UPS for a data center, computer room, server room, workstation or other mission critical facility.  Data Center operators must consider:

  • The size of the load to be protected (usually in both kVA and kW)
  • The battery run-time required
  • The proper input and output voltages
  • Choosing the right type of system (i.e. on-line, line-interactive, etc.)
  • Varied price / performance seen within manufacturer product portfolios
  • Advances in technologies
  • The ideal configuration to achieve the desired level of redundancy (i.e., N, N+1, 2N, 2N+1, etc.)
  • The configuration needed to achieve the required output distribution
  • A thorough understanding of IEC 62040-3, the Method of Specifying the Performance and Test Requirements for a UPS

The vast majority of UPS solutions sold in North America are designed and manufactured by Schneider Electric (APC), Eaton, and Emerson Electric (Liebert). Other solutions exist, but these manufacturers dominate due to system performance, reliability, breadth of solutions, and value. PTS provides UPS from each vendor in three categories:

  1. UPS for Data Center, Computer Room and Facility 3-Phase
  2. UPS for Networks and Servers
  3. UPS for Computers and Peripherals

To learn more about each vendor’s solutions, visit the manufacturer pages for each here:

PTS Services – UPS
As perhaps the largest mid-market provider of UPS solutions in the country, PTS is poised to service your critical power path devices at all levels. PTS provides comprehensive services throughout the project lifecycle.

  • System Analysis: Perhaps your power budget has or is changing? PTS performs Power Systems Analysis to determine critical loads and assess the viability of your back-up power (both UPS and generator) to support the current and expected future power loads. Ultimately, we develop a series of Key Design Criteria (KDCs) used to match your requirements to the multitudes of UPS technology and manufacturer solutions.
  • Procurement: Working with your KDCs, including budget requirements, PTS procures UPS solutions from the leading manufacturers in the space today (UPS solutions pages), all at prices unavailable to the end user direct from the manufacturer.
  • Commissioning: PTS data center site commissioning services ensure your systems are installed properly, are performing consistent with their design, and will work as anticipated during fail-over scenarios.
  • Monitoring: PTS provides power monitoring capabilities at the UPS, PDU, transfer switch, and power strip level. We can establish and train your staff to monitor or provide monitoring through our Managed Services program.
  • Maintenance: Certified PTS technical staff are available to provide regularly scheduled preventive maintenance for UPS solutions from all major manufacturers, which is known to extend the life of these mission critical assets and improve overall data center availability.

In regards to UPS acquisitions, PTS will be highly competitive on the equipment, and we can provide all of the key services and coordination around your UPS installations to ensure the UPS project goes smoothly. Our UPS value proposition is PTS will take responsibility for all of the services involved in a successful UPS implementation including:

  • Consulting & Planning
  • Design & Engineering
  • Delivery Acceptance
  • Site Positioning
  • Assembly
  • Load Bank Testing & Burn-in
  • Commissioning
  • Decommissioning, Removal & Ecological Disposal of old UPS
  • Operations Training
  • Maintenance

Contact us to learn more about PTS UPS Services & Support.

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