Now that we’re in the heat of the summer, we thought we’d provide alternatives to the need to upgrade, replace, and maintain your data center cooling assets. This month our newsletter focuses upon colocations and whether you should consider their potential impact on your business. Whether you have run out of room in your current facility, are looking for a backup site, or just want to know the long term benefits of a hosted data center facility, PTS can provide a great deal of information.

In addition to strategic colocation services, other topics include:

  • Solutions Showcase: Quorum Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions.
  • Educational White Papers: New white papers, interesting articles, and case studies are highlighted in our education section and available in the PTS Media Library.

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PTS Story: Top 10 Ways Colocation Can Impact Your Business
For most primary data center or computer room operations, PTS contends that owning and operating your own data center offers the best opportunity for long-term ROI, flexibility, and OPEX cost control. However, owning your own facility comes with a CAPEX premium – and that is sometimes not an option. To that end, it may be worth considering a colocation company to support your data center infrastructure requirements. Here are our Top 10 reasons to consider a colocation:

  1. Reliability. Have you checked your tier rating lately? The Uptime Institute’s tier rating system provides higher ratings for facilities which have several levels of redundancy for power, cooling, etc. The costs are significant for a company to build many levels of redundancy throughout its data center or computer room (i.e. design costs, procurement of equipment and services, management costs).
  2. Flexibility. Are your typical power requirements at 2.5 KW per rack? Needing a facility capable of supporting blade servers with 10 KW per rack requirements? Consider a colocation specializing in high per rack power requirements. They’ll also have the appropriate cooling systems in place.
  3. Speed to Deploy. Did management forget to tell you early about a new acquisition and the need to add disparate IT solutions in your data center? Colocation providers typically have ample availability, ready for IT build-outs, at a moment’s notice. Sure, you won’t be in tomorrow, but a few weeks will do.
  4. Security. There’s a cost of doing business for colocations in terms of physical and network security. Services include providing protection from theft and fire, but also may include well conceived network security designs. And, if needed, you can look for a facility with 7×24 security.
  5. Facility Size. Tired of the endless guessing games related to sizing a facility? Colocations can actually save an organization money because it doesn’t have to over-size power, space, and cooling in the facility.  
  6. Maintenance. Too many assets to maintain between servers, storage, UPS, cooling, switching, etc.? Think of the time you would save not having to worry about supporting infrastructure and being able to concentrate on keeping the IT infrastructure up-to-date.
  7. Capital Budgetary Constraints. Waiting for your CAPEX budget to be released? What if you can forget about the capital to expand or build a new facility? Colocation monthly fees fall into the operating expense or OPEX category.
  8. Network Management & Monitoring. Is your facility manned 7×24? Many colocation facilities have around-the-clock network operations personnel ready and waiting for a failure. Sure beats yanking the IT manager out of bed.
  9. WAN Connectivity. What happens when the network goes down? Colocation providers have facilities from more than one network services provider and, because of the volume of services, can provide truly separate infrastructures.
  10. Offsite Backup & Disaster Recovery. Still taking tapes offsite? Worried about the financial impact of a data center down condition? How about the peace of mind knowing you stored your critical data offsite at a colocation specializing in backup and disaster recovery?

All these reasons should be considered when looking at colocation or, for that matter, cloud services. If you are looking for expert advice and analysis relevant to your particular scenario, consider PTS’ Data Center Facility Business Strategy Consulting Services. The service analyzes your situation, evaluates potential risks, hidden costs, and other items which can affect making the right decision.

PTS Data Center Solutions Showcase:Quorum Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions
PTS recently announced a strategic reseller agreement with Quorum, maker of Back-up & Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions. Quorum BDR solutions are an excellent fit for small- to mid-size companies with between 3 and 100 servers or virtual servers. The solutions provide processing, storage, deduplication, and virtualization capabilities in a robust, cost-effective appliance.

The appliance is placed next to your server infrastructure and tracks all physical and virtual machines within Quorum’s Recovery Nodes. When a fault is detected, a single click allows the onQ™ appliance to run the application on its recovery node.

By locating a second appliance at another site (your site or a colocation facility), you can create a full disaster recovery structure in case your production facility is unavailable for any reason. More cost effective than solutions such as SAN replication, Quorum has deployed its onQ Appliance, onQ Archive Vault, and Hybrid Cloud solutions to many facilities with minimal downtime requirements. Sectors deploying these solutions include healthcare, finance, and banking to name just a few.

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PTS Education & White Papers
With energy consumption at its peak due to the summer heat and growing energy costs, we have posted below several new articles and white papers on data center energy consumption.

Check out the latest white papers added to our website by signing in or joining our new PTS Media Library! We’re sure there will be some interesting content for your reading pleasure. For up-to-the-minute educational information don’t forget to check out the PTS Blog – Data Center Design, consider joining the LinkedIn Computer Room Design Group, or visit our Data Center Design Channel on YouTube.

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IT Recovery Plan White Paper by Quorum

Regular tests of your IT disaster recovery plan can mean the difference between a temporary inconvenience or going out of business. This white paper provide recommendations to develop an IT Recover Plan. Download

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PTS Data Center Solutions Becomes Strategic Partner of Quorum to Deploy Turnkey Disaster Recovery Solutions 

Press Release, July 10, 2012

PTS Data Center Solutions announced today it has been accepted as a Strategic Reseller Partner by Quorum®. The announcement comes as Quorum continues to build momentum in delivering its appliance and hybrid cloud backup, recovery and continuity solutions.

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