This month’s e-newsletter focuses upon End-to-End Real-Time Power Management. A range of solutions is available to support power management from your IT devices through to your utility power feeds.

In addition to allowing data center managers to have better awareness of power use within their facilities, solutions allow you to reclaim hidden capacity and lower PuE and, therefore, power consumption and expenses.

This story provides brief overviews and access to various power management solutions which provide rapid returns on investment. Finally, as always, please consider us for your next data center design project.

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Story: End-to-End Real-Time Power Management from your IT Devices to your Utility Feeds
PTS is very experienced in assessing, recommending and building Power Monitoring & Management systems for our clients from the individual IT devices up to the rack level. At the facility level we start at the circuit breakers feeding the IT equipment up to the PDU’s, UPS’s, main distribution panels and all the way up to your utility feeds, if needed. Below information on a few of the solutions we offer at each level and how we can tie them together for an effective end-to-end energy management & optimization solution. Contact us to discuss your particular needs further and, possibly, set up  demonstrations.

At the IT Device Level

PTS is finding the Rack Management Platform (RaMP), manufactured by No Limits Software, is the game changer most have been waiting for on IT device management as RaMP automates the build polls and trends power right from the IPMI chip. RaMP also makes recommendations to take specific action based on the analytic results from its monitoring and trending. The ROI is months on this solution.

No Limits Software has developed this new solution to also automatically manage the location of rack assets as well as maintaining the many attributes of those assets that we obtain through the assets serial management port and network connection.  RaMP is a solution that actively manages the location of rack assets as well as the processing, power, and other attributes of your data center assets without manual entry. RaMP does this through the management ports on servers, network infrastructure and technology (i.e. iLO & IPMI) data centers have already invested in as opposed to making additional investments in rack managed power solutions or paying additional for manual asset audits to obtain critical information.

RaMP not only trends the data and provides critical alerts about your data center assets. Many DCiM and DPO systems have these capabilities, but RaMP has built in analytics and algorithms to provide data center & system stakeholders recommendations to take specific actions in addressing: idle equipment, discovered SPOF’s, and the impact from dependencies in power & data chains in their data centers.

Monitoring & Metering Devices for Every Level of Your Facility Power Infrastructure

Square D, part of the Schneider Electric family, manufactures the PowerLogic Power & Energy Monitoring System which provides meters and monitors for every level of your facility power infrastructure from the utility feed, to main distribution panels, to the transformers, to the PDU’s and circuit breakers feeding your IT equipment. They offer meters to monitor and trend your power consumption and various levels of sophistication on power quality monitoring. These devices can communicate to both IP based management and BMS management systems. Schneider’s ION Enterprise Software can also be set-up and customized by PTS to show your electrical one line and its energy consumption at every level.

IT & Facilities Power Optimization

Power Assure was given a $5 million grant recently by the US DOE for developing a solution that monitors energy usage at both the IT & facilities level while providing recommendations to optimize the  environment. NASA is also using this tool to optimize their efficiency. Highlights of Power Assure’s Data Center Energy Manager Platform include:

  • Optimizes server utilization while maintaining customer service levels
  • Leverages real-time comprehensive data from both IT and facilities through gateways
  • Operates in load-balanced, virtualized, cloud, or clustered environments
  • Provides complete control along with detailed visibility into data center performance
  • Provides real-time measurement of actual financial savings, CO2 reduction, and end-to-end energy consumption

Also for consideration are other solutions, such as Raritan’s PowerIQ and Packet Power’s Energy Monitoring System. With diverse power monitoring and management approaches available to data center managers, PTS’s Data Center Consultants work with clients to review requirements and make solution recommendations based upon your needs. We can then procure, deploy, train, and manage the Power Management solutions for clients.

To learn more about PTS’ Energy Management Services & Solutions Contact PTS.

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