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  • Solutions Showcase: Given we are focused in our headline story on DCIM as a critical management and analysis tool set for success data center management, the focus of the Solutions Showcase is on our top picks for DCIM. Included here are products from Schneider Electric – APC, Emerson Network Power – Avocent, nLyte, Raritan, and No Limits Software.
  • Educational White Papers: We continue on the topic of Data Center Infrastructure Management with excellent white papers.

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PTS Story: Why Invest in Data Center Infrastructure Management?

If you could summarize Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) in one word it would be information. This information must be complete, accurate, have audit capability, and provide an integration layer.

Can you answer the following questions?

  • How long does it take to deploy a new server?
  • Who can you contact to get the accurate status for a project?
  • For any given IT service, can you name all the servers on which it relies to properly operate?
  • Do you have the capacity (power, cooling and space) to add 10 new blade servers?

If you can’t answer the questions, it is probably because you don’t have the tools you need to provide the information you need to do your job. The illustration shows the various infrastructure management functions with information as the core.

Infrastructure management tools fall into six general categories:

  • Asset Management
  • Asset Location Management
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Energy Management
  • Capacity Planning
  • Optimization Management
  • Documentation Management
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Modeling
  • Maintenance Management
  • Data Connectivity Management
  • Power Connectivity Management

While many of the available tools cross over into multiple infrastructure management categories, it is important to note that no vendor today has a single tool, or even a suite of tools, that satisfies the requirements of all of these categories.

To meet today’s data center manager needs, PTS leverages several DCIM tool-sets to provide support in the six categories above. To a data center manager, it is critical to be able to manage assets, monitor the assets in real-time, maintain remote connectivity, plan for future growth, and maintain the assets for optimum performance and uptime.

Currently, there is no magic solution which does it all. However, depending upon the structure, design, and requirements of a particular data center, a combination of solutions can provide data center managers with the information they need to effectively and efficiently manager their facilities.

Check out the Data Center Management Solutions Showcase in this newsletter or visit the PTS website to learn more and access various vendor solutions.

The PTS Data Center Solutions Showcase:Data Center Infrastructure Management

As previously discussed, the Data Center Infrastructure Management solutions space has many players with specific niche products as well as more comprehensive (but by no means complete) solutions. As a facilities consulting and data center management company, PTS leverages many solutions to manage data centers on behalf of clients. We also provide these solutions for sale to clients. This month’s Solutions Showcase reviews several of our favorites (in alphabetical order).

You can learn more about PTS’ services to support design and implementation of these systems by clicking here. For PTS data center services related to monitoring & control and operations & maintenance, click on the respective links.


APC Data Center InfraStruxure Management Software

While power, cooling and cost control remain top concerns in the data center, new questions including Green IT, energy efficiency, PUE, utility negotiations and return on investment are highlighting the need for a new, business orientation to the management of data center physical infrastructure.


Enterprise management systems, building management systems and network management systems do not address the physical infrastructure supporting IT assets. InfraStruxure® Management Software does – and it integrates with all of these systems for holistic management of the entire data center ecosystem from utility power quality to chiller temperature to generator fuel level to UPS tolerance to associated server application.

With capacity planning, change management, energy efficiency, operations, centralized management, and energy usage modules, PTS feels the APC solution can help data center managers in multiple ways. Learn more about the InfraStruxure Management solutions by clicking here.

Emerson Network Power Trellis™ Data Center Infrastructure Management Platform

Tapping a technology portfolio of unprecedented depth, Emerson Network Power has created the Trellis platform. This industry-changing new platform, comprised of a family of hardware, software and services, is founded on the vision of effectively erasing the lines between once isolated infrastructure components within the data center.

With the goal of achieving a true, single-pane, contextualized, real-time view of data center physical infrastructure, we are building on the significant experience and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) capabilities already available from Emerson Network Power-from the Liebert cooling, power and monitoring solutions to the server firmware, control and data center management solutions from Avocent and Aperture.

Learn more about Trellis by clicking here.

nlyte 6.0 Data Center Infrastructure Management

Having been founded in 2003, nlyte is a relative newcomer to the DCIM space. However, that doesn’t stop its flagship product from providing real value across multiple components of the DCIM spectrum.

The nlyte suite creates a complete data center management environment for improved business agility – From the point you set your goals through the discovery of what you have, visualizing where your assets are, modeling and controlling changes, reporting on the results and finally predicting your future.

Leveraging its Data Center Performance Management process, the nlyte solution performs discovery, visualization, modeling, control, reporting, and predictive analysis to help data center managers run their operations.

Learn more about the nlyte approach and process by clicking here.

No Limits Software Rack Management Platform (RaMP)

The No Limits Software RaMP product is unique in several regards.
No Limits Software solutions eliminate the need for manual audits by automating manual and unreliable processes.

The RaMP solution allows you to understand where the device is located, what power is consumed at the device and rack level, when any physical or logical changes are made, how the device configured and why servers may not be operating in an efficient manner.

Learn more about RaMP by clicking here.

Raritan dcTrack™ Data Center Infrastructure Management Software

dcTrack™is a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software solution that provides powerful and intelligent tools for automation. dcTrack was designed from the ground up by data center professionals to provide you with broad and deep visibility into your operations. It allows you to plan for growth and change by optimizing your current operations, assets and infrastructure.

With dcTrack, you can maintain accurate views across your entire data center, including servers, blades, virtual servers, applications, data networks, IP addressing space and network cabling. It also provides real-time views of power consumption and heat dissipation, raised floor space and rack elevations.

Learn more about dcTrack by clicking here.

PTS Education & White Papers

Check out the latest white papers added to our website by signing in or joining our new PTS Media Library! We’re sure there will be some interesting content for your reading pleasure. For up-to-the-minute educational information don’t forget to check out the PTS Blog – Data Center Design and consider joining the LinkedIn Computer Room Design Group.

This month we include several new manufacturer white papers related to Data Center Management and DCIM.

Access all the white papers by entering the PTS Media Library and looking under the Management topic area.

An Introduction to Data Center Infrastructure Management by Raritan
The white paper provides a solid foundation for DCIM and is a good primer if you are just becoming familiar with the many components of DCIM. Download

How Data Center Infrastructure Management Software Improved Planning and Cuts Operational Costs by APC
Business executives are challenging their IT staffs to convert data centers from cost centers into producers of business value. Data centers can make a significantimpact to the bottom line by enabling the business torespond more quickly to market demands. This paper demonstrates, through a series of examples, how data center infrastructure management software tools can simplify operational processes, cut costs, and speed up information delivery. Download

Why PUE Alone is Not Enough! by nlyte
This whitepaper addresses how data center management software is used to benchmark current power consumption through real-time feeds and equipment ratings and then model the effects of “green” initiatives on the data center’s PUE and DCiE before actually committing resources to support the implementation. Download

Achieving Control Over Data Center Implementations and Operations by Emerson Network Power (Avocent)
Out-of-control data centers that lack reliability and proper security often result in systemic instances of lost productivity and operational cost overruns. By proactively enabling services for controlling access to the infrastructure and monitoring for activity, management decisions can be made to improve data center services that more effectively meet organizational requirements. Download

Data Center Management: Searching for the Optimum Solution by No Limits Software
Management of assets in the data center is incomplete, inaccurate, and difficult to maintain with today’s technology. Learn more about proper asset management in this white paper. Download

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Press Release
February 15, 2011

PTS Data Center Solutions announced today it has been accepted as a Market Partner in the Consolidated Edison of New York (Con Edison) Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program. Specifically, PTS’ focus will fall under Con Edison’s new Data Center Efficiency Program which Con Edison has launched in conjunction with NYSERDA.

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ExaGrid Disk Backup with Deduplication System Named Backup and Disaster Recovery Hardware “Product of the Year”
February 3, 2011

As a strategic partner with ExaGrid and its solutions, PTS Data Center Solutions is pleased to announce the ExaGrid EX10000E was selected as Product of the Year by Storage magazine

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Consider An Emergency Generator
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“A UPS provides clean power, guarding against surges and drops,” says Dan McHugh, project manager at PTS Data Center Solutions. ‘In order to provide longer-term power, you’d need racks and racks of batteries. A generator allows you to be out two to three days, so you’re not losing money.’ PTS is a consulting firm that does design work, construction, or construction management.

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