I am pleased to offer you the fourth edition of the PTS Quarterly Newsletter, a means for you, our clients, our partners, and our vendors to get the latest information on what’s new and current at PTS, as well as the data center industry in general.

In this quarter’s issue, I would like to introduce a new division of PTS, PTS Information Technology Solutions Group (ITSG).  ITSG represents a major enhancement to PTS’ present IT services and solutions offerings  —- we will leverage our industry leading position in data center consulting, design and analysis by adding a rich array of service and solutions aimed network, security, server, and storage solutions within the data center. PTS has charged the growth of this new organization to Rich Horowitz. You will learn a great deal more in this newsletter as well as over the coming months.

Also in this issue, find out how several of our recent events met with rave reviews including the inaugural Data Center Education Series (DCES) training session and the New York Jets-inspired PTS Power Camp.  We will also introduce several new data center solutions in our solutions showcase.

As always, please think of us for your next data center project.

Pete Sacco
President & Founder
PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc
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PTS Information Technology Solutions Group

Comprehensive Information Technology Solutions provided by
the Experts for Your Always Available Data Center

For years PTS has provided exceptional service to analyze, survey, design, plan, commission and manage Data Centers for our clients.  We are now pleased to leverage our expertise in All Things Data Center to launch an exciting new division, PTS Information Technology Solutions Group (ITSG).ITSG provides information technology based consulting, design, implementation/integration, and ongoing support services as well as IT infrastructure solutions to companies nationwide. ITSG extends PTS’ data center expertise beyond facility planning, design, engineering, construction, and maintenance to include service and solutions pertaining to:
ITSG’s services and solutions are tailored specifically to the needs of our client’s project needs, including:▪Technology Roadmaps ▪ Data Center Relocation ▪ Consolidation ▪ Technology Refresh ▪

ITSG follows our proven project delivery process.

PTS’ goal is to provide our clients with 100% turnkey, people, process, and technology solutions from data center facility to IT operations.

ITSG will be led by Rich Horowitz, an industry veteran, who has been involved in all facets of the technology industry for more than 20 years.  Rich is actively involved in business development, operations, Channel Partner development, Mergers & Acquisitions, and services delivery.  Rich has been involved in approx $700 million in technology hardware sales, software sales and technical services engagements.  Rich will be responsible for establishing and strengthening the PTS IT Solutions Group brand, and working with our clients to understand their needs and how we can provide value to them.

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The PTS Data Center Solutions Showcase

New Data Center Solutions

PTS’ growth of solutions to design, build and manage the data center has never been stronger.  In this regular section, PTS will highlight industry-leading solutions you may want to consider for your own data center.

Energy Monitoring Systems

Would device-level power consumption monitoring help you manage costs for effectively?

Working in conjunction with Packet Power, PTS is pleased to announce a cost effective per-device energy monitoring system which is easy to deploy and highly accurate.  The system provides device level monitoring & trending without having to change out power supplies or PDU’s.  Features include:

  • All billing-quality power monitoring hardware is built into standard equipment power supply cables.
  • All standard cable connector con-figurations (C13/C14, C19/C20 etc.) as well as voltages and current loads are available.
  • Data collection network automatically supports thousands of devices in a single facility, is configuration-free, entirely wireless, secure and operates independently of any Wi-Fi or other networking infrastructure.
  • All information gathered by our system and all advanced monitoring, billing and management functions are accessible via the web & e-mail.
  • All available without any additional hardware or software.
  • All information generated by the system can be integrated with your existing operations management and billing systems.

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Air Curtains – A Green Alternative

Reduce data center cooling costs by directing cold air where it is needed most – through the computer racks!  Air Curtains and strip doors separate cold air and warm air aisles, maximizing the dynamics of air flow to cool your data center. A system can pay for itself in months!

·         Save energy on both air conditioning and fan systems – 15% and 67% respectively (according to a study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

·         The Air Curtain product line includes transparent curtains, strip doors, panels and patented hardware; create a solution specific to your needs.

·         Specially formulated vinyls are low-outgassing and anti-static while meeting ASTM and NFPA fire retardancy requirements.

Hardware is also designed so curtains fall away in the case of fire, allowing fire sprinklers full operating range.

And remember, PTS typically designs these solutions and performs Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling prior to deployment to guarantee the results, savings & performance.

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Power Camp ’09

PTS & The New York Jets Power Camp Training Session

Thanks to all those PTS clients who were able to participate in PTS’ Power Camp ’09 Event at the NY Jets training facility.  The event allowed clients to see the NY Jets training facility in Florham Park, NJ, learn a number of new data center design and evaluation techniques, see the data center designed, engineered anddeployed by PTS for the NY Jets and even see future pro football hopefuls as kids from Franklin Lakes, NJ and Saddle Brook, NJ played a scrimmage on the Jets practice field.

“Thank you for a professional presentation and event. It shows the professionalism of your organization. Andrew’s presentation was a great overview of both PTS and the NY Jets project.”  Norman Snow, Independent Consultant, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.

 Recapping the First

PTS Data Center Education Training Series

Comprehensive Data Center Training Brought to You by the Experts in Data Center Design

The first PTS Data Center Solutions course in Data Center Design and Management was a great success.  The depth of knowledge covered was extensive, with attendees staying until 7 pm on the third day of training to squeeze it all in.  Several attendees mentioned the strengths of the training included the interaction between the attendees and the real-life questions that were brought to the table.

“The training was very insightful; the wisdom of many professionals in this field put together wisely,”  Federico Varela, an engineer with COMTEL Ingenieria.

Gustavo Varela, a product manager with COMTEL Ingenieria added “The training changed the paradigms of what we thought was the whole truth about Data Centers.”

PTS will be extending its Data Center Education Training Series to add more cities and additional training modules on implementing ITIL in the data center and measuring the IT Service Management metrics that really matter.  Watch the PTS web site to see when we’re coming to your city.

 Have a Large Group & Need Training?  We’ll Come To You.

And Remember, We’ll Customize our Training Specifically for Your Company.

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In the News:
Hiring Third-Party Consultants
Tips To Help You Avoid The Perils & Reap The Benefits, General Information
September 25, 2009 · Vol.31 Issue 24, Page(s) 32 in print issuePTS Data Center Solutions’ Vice President Michael Petrino was quoted in this interesting article on hiring Third-Party Consultants for data center projects.  “It is a double-edged sword: Just because they are a PE does not mean they are a data center expert,” Petrino says. “Conversely, there are plenty of guys who don’t have their PE, are data center experts, and know what it takes to go in and out of it, but, unfortunately, there is a lot to be said for accreditation.”

Disaster-Proof Data Centers
Companies Look To Bunker-Style Hosting Sites For Protection, General Information
September 25, 2009 · Vol.31 Issue 24, Page(s) 36 in print issue

“We see a lot more [bunker-style data centers] coming up,” says Michael Petrino, vice president of data center consulting firm PTS Data Center Solutions (, who says he’s worked with 10 such data centers over the past few years.

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