Businesses continue to embrace a hybrid data center strategy by simultaneously operating on-site data centers with colocation sites and private and public cloud. The goal is realizing a cohesive IT strategy that enables the organization to innovate and differentiate their product as a means of driving revenue growth.

How are organizations strategically adopting a highly efficient mix of core data center infrastructure and cloud resources? What is the role of the on-site data center? What are the new paradigms for operating a private cloud with the simplicity and efficiency of public cloud? How are companies managing their exposure to security threats and privacy breaches? How are organizations protecting their businesses in an era teeming with new technologies that support digital business, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning? What new and evolving approaches show promise to protect the organization against emerging threats? And where are other organizations finding success in their cyber risk and security efforts?

Join us for a dinner discussion on The Hybrid Data Center Strategy – presented by PTS Data Center Solutions, Cloudistics, Effectual, and Sensato Cyber Security Solutions – where we’ll bring together experts who are savvy to these questions, challenges and more. You’ll gain an up-to-the-minute understanding of where today’s modern data center, cloud, networking, and security strategies are headed, and why they’re critical to success in today’s increasingly digital business environment.

Amanda’s 908 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030  (201) 798-0101
Thursday, May 2, 2019 from 5:30pm – 8:30pm
5:30pm – 6:30pm Attendee Check-in and Networking
6:30pm – 6:40pm Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Pete Sacco, Founder, PTS Data Center Solutions
6:40pm – 7:40pm Executive Dinner and Panel Discussion on Hybrid Strategy

  • Michael Petrino, Sr. Vice President, PTS Data Center Solutions
  • Chris Thomas, Director of Solutions Architecture, Cloudistics (formerly chief data center and cloud architect of CarMax)
  • Robb Allen & Michael Parks, Co-Founders of Effectual (formerly co-founders of Datapipe)
  • John Gomez, Founder, Sensato Cyber Security Solutions (formerly CTO of WebMD)
7:40pm – 8:30pm Open Q&A Discussion
8:30pm Program Concludes