PTS' vision is to implement and manage client workplace technologies such as A/V, video conferencing, digital signage, video surveillance, access control, wireless, PoE LED lighting, and more, that result in flawless user experiences to adoption.

Comprehensive site selection, planning, project management, and implementation services for clients in need of data center or computer room migration,

Establish realistic and accurate cost estimates for all the Workplace Technologies you will utilize in your new space.

PTS provides a full suite of data cabling services and solutions, including customer premise cabling infrastructure, data center cabling, patch panels, fiber optic, CATV, or other types of cabling deployed.

Everything from digital signage to conference room lighting, help desks to training rooms, and Security Operations Centers to Network Operations Centers, PTS has your A/V needs covered.

PTS delivers innovative video surveillance and security solutions with all the performance, flexibility, and functionality you've come to expect from a recognized industry leader.

Secure Biometric and Non-Biometric Access to facilities, places, and information is vital. Companies need a solution that is seamless, accurate and able to suitably meet their access control needs.

Both specialized WLAN testing tools and experienced, knowledgeable personnel are required to deploy and maintain a wireless network that meets the needs of your users.

PoE lighting merges technological advances in low voltage (DC) LED lighting with technological advances in PoE IP networking, resulting in potentially significant cost savings and unforeseen benefits to the way we work and live.

Turnkey IT services including consulting, design, implementation, integration, and ongoing managed services support for data center, enterprise, and specialty low-latency networks.

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We are very happy we made the switch to PTS for all our IT management. The transition went smoothly, and the service we receive is outstanding.
- Rosa Schiro, Controller
IGEA Brain and Spine
Selecting PTS was one of the best decisions we’ve made. The PTS team has done a great job in managing our network, identifying and correcting any issues before they could impact our users, and provides us with a stable work environment for our users.
- Jim Neitzel, CIO
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Data Center / Computer Room Services & Solutions

Data Center / Computer Room Services & Solutions

PTS Data Center Solutions’ vision is to design/build data centers and other mission-critical facilities that cost less to build, cost less to operate, and perform better because they are based on simple designs that e...
Information Technology

Information Technology

PTS has the vision to help companies implement a hybrid, multi-cloud, multi-data center approach that is simple in design, easy to operate, and uses less infrastructure and vendors to achieve data resilience. Hybrid Cloud ...
Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

PTS works closely with your business to deploy a backup and disaster recovery system that you can rely on – one that mitigates risk and protects vital infrastructure. We offer a portfolio of physical, virtual, and cloud-based backup and disaster r...
PTS/Datrium Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

PTS/Datrium Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

PTS partner Datrium's DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS (DRaaS) is a comprehensive Disaster Recovery (DR) and Cloud Backup service for the protection of on-premises systems. It encompasses the features of Automatrix, Cloud DVX, and ControlShift, as well...


PTS can be your secret weapon for real-time protection against today’s advanced cyber criminals. We provide a broad array of cybersecurity services with a strong focus on the healthcare industry, but suitable for any industry. We are capable of handling y...
Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

The primary benefit of a hybrid cloud is agility. The need to adapt and change direction quickly is a core principle of a digital business. Your enterprise needs to combine public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises resources to gain the agility it...
IT Staffing

IT Staffing

PTS can provide you with the IT resources you need that have your industry experience, and with the systems and technologies expertise you require - no matter how long you need them for. We will connect you with PTS’ decades of IT experience to quickly f...