PTS partner Datrium’s DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS (DRaaS) is a comprehensive Disaster Recovery (DR) and Cloud Backup service for the protection of on-premises systems. It encompasses the features of Automatrix, Cloud DVX, and ControlShift, as well as VMware Cloud on AWS. It includes cloud backup, disaster recovery orchestration, and VMware Cloud on AWS as fully managed services from Datrium. It eliminates the need for costly physical DR sites, keeps data safe and secure, and enables users to confidently execute failover and failback.  Fully integrated support for all components and services, including VMware Cloud on AWS and AWS itself is offered.

Key Features

On-Demand DRaaS – Up to 10x More Cost-Efficient

For the first time, the public cloud is cost-effective for protecting entire enterprise data centers.
DRaaS enables failover from low-RPO VM backups in S3 to an on-demand SDDC in VMware Cloud on AWS using DR plans managed by ControlShift. This lets you store backups in S3 at low cost, and pay for the DR sites only when you need to test or run DR plans.

DRaaS can provide DR protection that’s 10x more cost-efficient. Shut down physical DR sites, eliminate power and cooling bills, cut expenses related to standalone backup solutions, and get access to the broadest worldwide range of DR sites available.

Unified Cloud Backup and DR

DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS includes Cloud DVX and ControlShift. These products provide complementary features for unified cloud backup and DR in a single management pane, for both the primary and DR sites, through vCenter.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Key Benefits

10x More Cost-Efficient Than a Second DR Site

  • In steady-state, pay only for deduplicated backup storage on S3
  • No ongoing cost for hot standby DR sites in the cloud or on premises
  • Just-in-time SDDCs provisioned in the cloud for DR testing and failover Operational Consistency and Simplicity
  • Consistent vSphere experience on premises and on the cloud DR site
  • Single pane of management for VMs, storage, backup, and DR orchestration
  • SaaS-delivered: no install, no configuration, no admin Failproof DR
  • Primary, backup, and DR in one system to avoid complex data conversions
  • Automatic compliance checks to verify runbooks
  • Built-in audit reports for tests and actual DR events
  • Failover confidently from recent snapshots or older backups

Cost-Effective Failback

  • Only data changed in the cloud is sent back to minimize egress charges
  • Global deduplication of data to further reduce egress costs for failback
  • Fully automated failback to minimize errors and wait time

VM-to-Cloud Operational Consistency

The translation between VM formats is a brittle and time-consuming process that goes beyond VM disk format conversion. DRaaS avoids such translations, so you can be sure that your VMware workloads will run seamlessly once deployed to your DR SDDC, just like they do in Datrium DVX. Plus, you can use vCenter to manage the cloud DR site just like you would your primary protected site.

Furthermore, complex vSphere enterprise environments rely on many other virtualization abstractions which have no immediate analogs in the public cloud: clusters, resource pools, data stores, virtual switches, port groups, etc. vSphere also offers a set of widely used services based on these abstractions that have no equivalent in the public cloud, such as vSphere HA, FT, vMotion, and DRS. With DRaaS, VMs retain their native vSphere format, and users get access to these familiar abstractions and management tools following a failover to the cloud – the same management tools they use on premises with their primary site.

Efficient Failback from Public Cloud

Failback from public cloud environments presents technical challenges that Datrium is uniquely suited to handle. Because DRaaS includes backup that has global data deduplication and tracking of data changes, it’s easy to fail back quickly from public cloud DR sites with minimal egress bandwidth charges because Datrium optimizes the amount of data that is moved. That kind of failback operation is infeasible with other solutions.

Long Recovery Point Range for Ransomware Mitigation

Because backup and DR are converged in this solution and Datrium backups can retain over 1,000,000 VM snapshots, you have the option to recover from snapshots that range from months or even years in the past. This is especially valuable in cases where you might need to recover systems after a ransomware attack. These attacks often become apparent months after the initial date of infection, so it’s not helpful to recover using snapshots from yesterday or a couple of weeks in the past. With DRaaS, it’s straightforward to recover from available snapshots that were taken at points in the more distant past.

Modern SaaS Experience

ControlShift DR orchestration and Cloud DVX backup are both delivered as SaaS applications in Datrium-managed AWS and VMware Cloud accounts. With automated deployment, configuration, maintenance, upgrades, and failure recovery, you can focus on managing your backups and creating and executing your DR plans. No manual on-premises software installation is required.

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