PTS Data Center SolutionsPTS Data Center Solutions, a leader in data center and critical environment design/build construction, is looking for an outstanding individual to serve as a Senior Electrical Engineer.

Are you someone that thrives being a part of a productive, disciplined, dependable, and goal-oriented team? To be successful in this job you must be accurate, organized, detail-oriented and results focused, yet deliberate, productive, disciplined, and focused. You must also be a master at creating and reviewing electrical drawings and design documents. Additionally, you must have 5+ years of providing design/engineering, commissioning and construction oversight of the electrical portion of data center/computer room, industrial, and commercial projects. Having a professional engineering license, LEED AP certification and/or Uptime Institute Accredited Tiers Designer (ATD) certification is preferred but not required. You must be able to work in a team that values excellence through process driven service delivery.

We offer excellent pay, 100% company-paid healthcare coverage, and other benefits in an adaptive, coaching and supportive workplace focused on development, relationships, and purposeful work. We hire based on talent and fit. Apply only if you meet our performance and ability guidelines.

Activity Summary:

    1. Perform and manage the electrical and fire protection design and engineering for projects according to client requirements, schedule, appropriate federal, multi-state, and local codes, as well as company standards:
      1. Manage and prioritize time to meet deadlines for multiple concurrent projects
      2. Participate as an active team member in all project-related meetings
      3. Manage design and engineering tasks using company standards and software
      4. Manage projects to meet technical requirement as well as budget and customer service commitments
      5. Review and present design drawing packages for bid, permit, and construction
      6. Provide engineering oversight throughout construction
      7. Provide commissioning plan development and commissioning oversight
      8. Summarize report on progress throughout
    2. Design, specify, and engineer electrical and fire protection systems for data center/computer room, industrial, and/or commercial projects to client requirements, appropriate federal, multi state, and local codes, as well as company standards:
      1. Prepare drawing packages
      2. Perform calculations
      3. Design systems
      4. Select and specify equipment
      5. Identify construction means and methods
      6. Prepare and present design drawing packages for bid, permit, and construction
    3. Support pre-sale and new business development:
      1. Meet with clients to survey existing conditions
      2. Develop project scopes, schedules, & budgets
      3. Establish equipment and labor requirements for proposals and presentations
    4. Manage multiple projects and working with a team of designers, engineers, and sales professionals
      1. Provide recurring performance feedback and skill development


    • Design, engineer, and sign/seal electrical systems plans/drawings for data center/computer room, commercial, industrial projects, prepare reports and specifications, and provide a very high level of technical leadership
    • Plan, design, and engineer low and medium voltage electric systems
    • Participate in regularly scheduled meeting to review status of all projects and discuss general and project issues
    • Display an in-depth knowledge of power systems including utility systems, service entrance, distribution switchgear, UPS, emergency power & transfer systems, power distribution, grounding, lighting, and low-voltage controls, as well as all related conduit, wire, and details for low voltage applications
    • Display an in-depth knowledge of fire protection systems including fire detection, fire alarm, sprinkler and dry-type suppression systems, and low-voltage controls
    • Display an in-depth knowledge of power & cooling protection and distribution configurations across all levels of required availability including basic protection, redundant operation, concurrently maintainable, and fault tolerant operation
    • Though an in-depth knowledge of mechanical systems (HVAC, plumbing, etc.) is not required, a general knowledge and understanding of these systems and their impact on electrical systems is a must
    • Able to independently conduct field visits and write field observation reports
    • Able to coordinate with clients, engineers, architects, contractors, and consultants to analyze engineering requirements & develop designs
    • Able to coordinate with design and engineering resources to develop program requirements and establish project cost estimates
    • Mastered creating, reading, and interpreting electrical drawings and design documents
    • Possess detailed knowledge of equipment specifications
    • Have expert knowledge of codes and standards for his/her trade
    • Able to effectively manage multiple projects at one time
    • Exceptional oral and written English language
    • Proficient in CAD
    • Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications
    • Valid driver’s license


    • 5+ years providing electrical design and engineering services
    • 5+ years providing electrical commissioning plan development and commissioning services
    • 5+ years providing construction oversight and administration
    • Familiar with product lines from various switchgear, UPS, generator, ATS, battery, fuel cell manufacturers and/or suppliers
    • Possess a strong awareness of current and emerging data center industry standards and technologies


    • BS or MS degree in electrical engineering discipline
    • LEED AP certification preferred, but not required
    • Uptime Institute Accredited Tiers Designer (ATD) certification preferred, but not required

Required License and or certifications:

    • Professional Engineer, licensed in NJ and/or NY, in good standing preferred
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