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Cryptocurrency Mining Campus Planning & Design

PTS is working with a midwest oil & gas company to correct a situation involving several other crypto-mining hosting companies who had provided quotes based on inaccurate assumptions and that lacked a clear design, plan, and budget.  PTS was able to create a conceptual site plan, and phased in construction approach to optimize capital spend and provide a clear path towards profitability.


  • Conceptual Design & Budgeting Services
  • Detailed Engineering Services
Crypto Mining Campus


  • Midwest mining operation with large natural gas reserves
  • Multiple used 22MW aeroderivative gas turbines being purchased
  • No site plan, no formal MEP design, and no detailed construction budget
  • Signed LOIs with three existing miner hosting companies based on poor assumptions


  • Failure to meet LOI deadlines puts inside and outside investment capital at risk
  • Without proper planning and engineering technical mistakes could potentially become catastrophic


  • Provide a Conceptual Site Plan and Electrical One-Line for budgeting
  • Develop a phased construction concept to optimize capital spend and profitability
  • Prepare to flow directly into bid, permits, construction, and operational phases
  • Installing 2 turbines for ~40MW to supply 24 x 1.3MW bitcoin mining containers
  • Plan to build 5 turbines ~80MW for both containers and immersion-cooling facility
  • Achieve electric generation cost < $0.025 / kWH and sold at $0.05-0.075 / kWH

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Network Operations Center - Classroom

PTS has an impressive track record for unique architectural and engineering designs. We specialize in all aspects of architectural as well as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) and building services engineering for virtually every type of building or structure.

In addition, we specialize in vendor-neutral design of all systems and sub-systems for all building types.

Further, our architects and engineers thrive on challenge. We aspire to achieve the optimal solution for every project. We do this by using a combination of proven design and engineering principles, processes, experience, and innovative thinking.

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The result is higher efficiency, reduced complexity and better resiliency at lower cost… all at the same time.

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  • Have two (2) aging edge data centers, some colocation, & some cloud
  • On-premises infrastructure needs have been shrinking
  • Increased risk of downtime to operations because of higher failure rates
  • Increased operational costs due to increased scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Wasted and unused IT space


  • Improved hybrid data center strategy leveraging previous investments
  • Designed and built new edge data center in the mixed-use facility using repurposed adjacent space
  • Refreshed the 18-floor IDF stack


  • Updated the strategic plan for data center operations
  • New, reliable, resilient, primary edge data center in the mixed-use facility