Managing IT From the Top Down

Our Focus

PTS will provide the proper guidance to ensure that businesses survive the ever-changing landscape of innovative and transformative technologies.

Professional and Consultative Services for Both Big and Small IT Projects

Data Center Server Infrastructure Iinformation Technology

We will provide the proper guidance to ensure that all IT projects are expertly handled. PTS has the experience and expertise to fill in any gaps in your team’s skill set, thus ensuring that both big and small IT projects are completed as desired.

  • One-off support for IT needs including cloud migrations, cyber security support, audio/visual projects, backup/DR strategies, etc
  • Expert help with existing or upcoming IT Projects
  • Supplemental support for an in-house IT team
  • Review cloud objectives
  • Inventory applications
  • Application readiness and data dependencies
  • Risks, controls, and information security readiness
  • Migration strategy
  • Compliance  Provides organizations with a rapid means of determining maturity as well as managing risk and policy exceptions
  • Detection  Combines network and host intrusion detection, honeypots, and vulnerability assessments to provide unparalleled protection
  • Response  Modernizes incident response by integrating playbooks, rapid response and automated countermeasures

Virtual CIO Services provide the technology strategy, leadership, and insight by:

  • Creating IT governance policies and processes
  • Project management of internal initiatives
  • Regular reporting for operations
  • Vendor Management
  • Business process consulting
  • Scheduled leadership and management meetings

PTS has the Right Services for Your Enterprise

PTS can provide expert guidance to complement your in-house IT Team. Even if you have your own CIO/CTO, PTS can extend their team’s IT capabilities to meet the organization’s strategic goals. Let PTS lead you on the journey.

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