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Our Focus

Managing IT so you can make better... smarter... faster... and more economical data-driven decisions

PTS helps with all your IT, tech, and business intelligence needs. We provide Helpdesk, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and Application management support. However, unlike typical managed IT providers, PTS uniquely helps you identify the key indicators that drive your business’ success, and then builds you a dashboard to quantify them in real-time.

All companies rely on IT to enable their business.

However, in many cases their IT is misaligned with their organization’s goals and objectives. Worse, they probably have no way of knowing at-a-glance how their business is doing, nor have the data to support the decisions they are making.

As a result, our customers tell us that they are faced with unpredictable and excessive spending to compensate for a haphazard, reactionary and unplanned approach to IT. Given the amount of clients, this is likely costing thousands of dollars per day.

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What Customers Say About PTS

We are very happy we made the switch to PTS for all our IT management. The transition went smoothly, and the service we receive is outstanding.

– Rosa Schiro, Controller
IGEA Brain & Spine

IGEA Brain and Spine

Selecting PTS was one of the best decisions we’ve made. The PTS team has done a great job in managing our network, identifying and correcting any issues before they could impact our users, and provides us with a stable work environment for our users.

– Jim Neitzel, CIO
MHW Ltd.


Driving Revenue Growth by Effectively Managing Technology

Flexible IT Managed Solutions with technical expertise, reliability, and dedicated customer service

PTS provides on-premise cabling infrastructure, data center cabling, patch panels, fiber optic, CATV, etc

We can design your next Edge Data Center using on-site infrastructure that is consumed like cloud

PTS’ IT management will drive bottom-line revenue by acting as your Virtual CTO/CIO

Let PTS Transform your IT

We provide Virtual CTO/CIO and Managed IT Services that digitally transform companies to keep them competitive and that drive revenue growth.

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Managed IT Services

PTS is the company you can rely on to ensure your business remains competitive and your people stay productive by allowing us to implement, monitor and maintain IT and Workplace Technologies that just works.

  • Data Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity – Keep your business online all the time, despite accidents or unkind acts of Mother Nature.
  • Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Solutions – We will assess your systems’ potential vulnerabilities, shore up any weaknesses, and ensure your data are safe.
  • Workplace Technologies & Services – We keep your people productive by offering these workplace technologies: A/V, video conferencing, data cabling, wireless, digital signage, access control, video surveillance and PoE LED Lighting.
  • Windows / Chrome OS / Apple / Mac Support – Whichever operating system you prefer, we have experts for all of them.
  • Managed IT – PTS can take care of all the updates, upgrades, patching, troubleshooting and maintenance for you. We’ll take your IT worries off your plate, free up your time, and keep your IT running optimally.
  • Office 365 – Office 365 isn’t just for the office anymore! Mobile applications give you equal collaborative functionality in the office or the field.
  • Business Communications – We offer leading solutions for internet-based business telephone systems. No more high costs nor limitations of landlines.
  • Cloud Services – PTS will help you leverage your cloud assets and expenditures, and ensure cloud is working for you, and that your data is safe.
  • IT Infrastructure Design & Installation – We can replace or add to your existing IT infrastructure, or we can even overhaul your entire network.