Companies are seeing a tremendous growth in the information they handle and are looking for better options to deploy and manage server storage. Scaling data storage using traditional server storage techniques is creating several challenges that stress the capabilities of these approaches. For example, high power consumption and associated cooling requirements quickly become cost prohibitive. Traditional servers also need more floor space and require complex cabling which in turn weakens system reliability. Furthermore, traditional server complexes and server storage designs are more difficult to manage and require expensive, skilled support resources that start to tax the IT budget.

To manage these network issues, PTS provides IT Storage & Data Protection Consulting Services designed to support IT managers and data center operational personnel as they make key decisions regarding the server storage approach for their networks. For example, it is not a simple decision to just deploy a storage area network to eliminate server storage and data protection issues. To properly design a storage approach for the network, network managers need to consider storage scalability, storage capacity, storage availability, and storage recoverability to name just a few requirements.

As vendor neutral consultants PTS personnel evaluate all areas of the client network, and look to design and deploy solutions best suited to support near- and long-term client needs. To learn more about our storage consulting programs visit:

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