btn_contactPTS’s Data Center Storage & Data Protection Planning Service provides a comprehensive plan for the effective use of storage area network techniques, products, and solutions to support storage and data protection requirements within the enterprise. The Service delivers a detailed technology roadmap and master project schedule related to storage and data protection.

Prerequisite for this service is the prior completion of PTS’ Assessment – Storage & Data Protection to establish a comprehensive assessment of the client storage needs both in the near- and long-term. By coupling the planning effort with a prior assessment which also includes needs analysis and, if necessary, a site survey of the current storage and data protection infrastructure, PTS is able to plan a successful storage & data protection environment for the enterprise.

The Planning – Technology Roadmap – Storage & Data Protection Service provides the following outcomes for the client:

  • Provides a complete Technology Roadmap to support current and future requirements for the client enterprise related to storage & data protection
  • Validates various approaches and technology solutions available to the client to support storage capacity requirements
  • Confirms successful approaches to meet client recoverability, disaster recovery, and security requirements.
  • Incorporates client budgetary requirements as a parameter for future design of the enterprise storage & data protection schema
  • Provides a detailed Master Project Schedule for deployment of storage & data protection solutions

PTS’ Planning – Technology Roadmap – Storage & Data Protection Service serves as a basis for design in the progression of the computer room project process. This component is the fourth step in the eleven-step process.

Data Center Project Process Data Center Consulting Data Center Design and Engineering Data Center Products Data Center Construction Data Center Commissioning Data Center Implementation Data Center Monitoring and Control Data Center Operations and Maintenance
Features Benefits
Plan the future storage infrastructure for the enterprise Clear plan with costs/benefits of storage enhancements that work with client requirements and within client budget
Detailed Technology Roadmap Establishes a vendor agnostic technology roadmap based upon client key design criteria rather than specific manufacturer products
Plans are based upon objective criteria and leverage tradeoff analysis performed by storage & data protection industry experts Plans are verified by experts conversant in storage and data protection across all leading manufacturer products and solutions. Enables the plans to be complete with all possible outcomes and issues analyzed to avoid changes that result in increased time and money.
Plans consider facility, infrastructure, and cabling requirements In addition to the IT storage & data protection plans, PTS validates the impact on facility infrastructure related to storage plan deployment
Detailed Master Project Schedule for delivery of storage & data protection solutions Client is able to fully understand the time required to deploy enhanced storage & data protection solutions including storage consolidation and growth capabilities for the enterprise

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