PTS’ IT Storage & Data Protection Consulting Services analyzes client network attached storage structures needed to support rapid file storage growth, driven by rich media, document and backup files and email.

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution can help address changing file serving needs and reduce cost of ownership by enabling simplified management, better resource utilization, and centralized growth and data protection. PTS surveys existing network attached storage devices and makes recommendations to improve their structure or upgrade devices based upon client needs.

PTS also considers the appropriate use of a network attached storage solution in conjunction with or rather than storage area networks. NAS provides both storage and a file system. This is often contrasted with SAN (Storage Area Network), which provides only block-based storage and leaves file system concerns on the “client” side.

When designing a storage or back-up solution for clients PTS considers various items when designing a network attached storage solution:

  • Storage Scalability
  • Systems utilization and virtualization rates
  • Storage Capacity
  • Data types and structures
  • Storage Availability
  • Network Cabling Management
  • Storage Recoverability
  • Storage monitoring & management techniques
  • Storage Performance
  • Data protection systems architecture

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