PTS specializes in disruptive enterprise storage technologies that offer superior price per performance as compared to their tier-1 OEM competitors

Data has become the lifeblood of business, driving our economy and our competitive advantage. Too often, organizations cannot take advantage of the data they need due to costs and poorly architected storage solutions. Managing, protecting and continuously optimizing your most important asset, your digital information, is a constant challenge. Even the most seasoned IT professionals struggle with requests for new projects, with often unknown performance and reliability requirements, within an environment that requires constant investment and puts a continuous strain on overburdened budgets.

Real technical innovation has rarely come from the current storage provider leaders as they have lilttle incentive to disrupt their own sales cycle.  As such, PTS specialized on being experts on those fringe storage suppliers and technologies from which true innovation is springing forth – tomorrow’s storage leaders, if you will…


PTS can deliver fast, highly available, and easy-to-deploy storage systems, without compromising data protection. This approach can reduce TCO, with a proven CAPEX and OPEX model that is up to 20x lower than traditional storage products.

Enterprise Storage Solution Features Include:

  • Hyper-converged, converged, and non-converged platforms
  • Various, Highly Scalable, All-Flash & Hybrid-Flash Configurations
  • Instant Data Recovery to Any Point in Time
  • Advanced Data Compression & Optimization
  • Sophisticated Data Deduplication (often 4:1 or more)
  • Unified Storage (with support for NAS, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and NFS)
  • Granular Performance Analytics
  • Enhanced Snapshot Capabilities
  • Improved Virtualization Infrastructure Performance
  • VM Recovery to Any Point in Time
  • Shrink Recovery Time to Minutes and Seconds vs. Days and Hours
  • Instant Database Recovery and Cloning
  • Instant Development Environment Cloning and Refreshing