Managing IT from the Top Down

Our Focus

Simplify your IT operations by right-sizing your on-site data center and by leveraging colocation and cloud where appropriate

The Hybrid Model

Every enterprise wants an easier, high-performing, lower cost way to run their IT. In many cases, that means balancing their on-site IT with outsourced and cloud-based services. In fact, 94% of the enterprises we work with are already using multiple cloud platform services. They now allocate 30% of their IT budgets and staffing to managing cloud. As a result, their IT environments are more complex, not less.


Don’t just move to the cloud blindly!

PTS Data Center Solutions Hybrid Model

Lower your annual IT costs by at least 10% by simplifying your operations through the appropriate use of cloud-based services and by optimizing your on-site data center

Benefit from our extensive experience with both cloud and on-site data centers. Understand your IT workloads better, including knowing where your applications and data will perform best, and at what cost. Our clients report they have simplified their IT operations by right-sizing their on-site data center and by leveraging colocation and cloud where appropriate.

We work to customize our cloud offerings to seamlessly match your operational and workload requirements, from SMB to Enterprise scale.

Our unique PTS Cloud platform incorporates enterprise-class cloud infrastructure, customized to meet your exact needs and with comprehensive multi-site/multi-cloud orchestration. PTS is a perfect partner to lead you on your journey to the cloud, no matter whether its Private, Hybrid, or Dedicated.

In addition, we feature an array of cloud-based services, including server virtualization, global de-duplication, encryption, and data protection. Our PTS Cloud platform enables you to start small and scale big. Shift the focus of your IT resources from infrastructure maintenance to innovation.

Achieve consistent infrastructure and consistent operations by managing your entire app portfolio across hybrid and native public clouds.

PTS simplifies the deployment and management of Office 365, giving your end-users access to the industry’s most powerful productivity tools backed by local 24×7 support and accessible expertise.

What Customers Say About PTS

We are very happy we made the switch to PTS for all our IT management. The transition went smoothly, and the service we receive is outstanding.

– Rosa Schiro, Controller
IGEA Brain & Spine

IGEA Brain and Spine

Selecting PTS was one of the best decisions we’ve made. The PTS team has done a great job in managing our network, identifying and correcting any issues before they could impact our users, and provides us with a stable work environment for our users.

– Jim Neitzel, CIO
MHW Ltd.


Let PTS Find the Right Mix for You

We can help find the most suitable hybrid mix for your organization.  Let PTS lead you on the journey to the cloud, be it Public, Hybrid, or Private.

PTS also offers support on many cloud-based services that will allow you to shift your IT resources more towards innovation, than routine maintenance.

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