PTS provides complete Virtualization Technology Consulting Services to support:

  • Server Consolidation
  • Server Optimization
  • Infrastructure Cost Reductions
  • Improved Operational Flexibility & Responsiveness
  • Enhanced Desktop Manageability & Security
  • Improved Business Continuity
  • Aggressive Versus Moderate Scenarios for Virtualization

Virtualization technology makes it possible to achieve significantly higher server utilization by pooling infrastructure resources and avoiding the need to have a server for each application. However, it is critical to perform a detailed assessment of the enterprise IT network and applications requirements.

PTS’ Virtualization Technology Consulting service serves as a ‘recommendations’ phase in the progression and evolution of a data center as it expands. Desktop virtualization depends heavily on application analysis. Application analysis is achieved through multiple steps. Applications and application usage must be collected, filtered, and sorted into images. After images are generated, users are mapped to those images, and virtual machine templates are sized. The final step is to recommend the placement of users on ESX hosts.

The following diagram shows the PTS approach to application analysis:

Data Center Virtualization

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