PTS Server Virtualization Consulting Services drive business agility by simplifying infrastructure to create a more dynamic and flexible data center. We all know that a virtual server infrastructure increases capacity utilization. Traditional server infrastructure tightly couples applications to hardware, wasting computing capacity whenever applications use less than 100% of system resources. Virtual server infrastructures decouple applications from hardware, freeing the excess capacity for use by other applications.

white paper data center virtualization consulting servicesThe result of server virtualization may be an order of magnitude increase in the ratio of virtual servers to server hardware. In addition to the benefit of reduced server capital costs associated with server acquisitions, it is possible to significantly reduce data center operating costs with improved management, maintenance, power consumption, and cooling costs.

Virtualization makes it possible to achieve significantly higher server utilization by pooling common infrastructure resources and avoiding the need for the one server for each application model. However, it is critical to make wise choices for which applications and servers can be housed together when planning to perform server virtualization. Organizations must recognize that they not only may be exchanging one cost and management style for another, but that as physical machines are turned into virtual machines, virtual sprawl is likely to outstrip physical sprawl. Moreover, how server virtualization sprawl acts on the network, storage, I/O and compute power across a network of server nodes, and in an increasingly dynamic model of services, will be a complex multi-variant problem.

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