IT Virtualization Consulting analyzes the use of virtualization software to drive towards a utopia of 70-80 virtual machines per physical hardware server. However, in reality this is an unrealistic virtual machine to physical hardware network design. PTS leverages leading virtualization assessment tools and long term network design expertise to determine the optimal IT virtualization design prior to implementation. Ultimately, this results in an IT virtualization structure which is optimized to the client enterprise network without resulting in problems later on.

white paper data center virtualization consulting servicesWe know that virtualized IT infrastructures increase capacity utilization. Traditional server infrastructure tightly couples applications to hardware, wasting computing capacity whenever applications use less than 100% of system resources. IT virtualization decouples applications from hardware, freeing the excess capacity for use by other applications. IT virtualization often supports ratios of five to twelve virtual machines on a single server to as many as seventy. The result is the ability of IT to consolidate server infrastructure, reduce capital costs associated with server acquisitions and data center infrastructure, and reduce operating costs with improved management, maintenance, and energy consumption.

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