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PTS’ Data Center Virtualization Assessment Service provides IT Managers with analysis and feedback related to the implementation of a Virtualization Strategy. The service provides viable strategic recommendations in pursuit of a Virtualization Strategy and outlines the business and technology risks associated with implementing this strategy or doing nothing at all, as well as a high level budget and timeline for completion of the proposed project.

PTS will use these high-level decisions as a baseline in a cost model matrix to identify their affect on overall project costs across multiple scenarios, thus allowing the client to narrow the scope of the project to one that is affordable, yet meets their business needs.

Completion of this service requires the PTS’ Needs Analysis – Virtualization (to establish future storage requirements) and, where there is a server or virtualized server infrastructure in place, a Site Survey Service – Virtualization (to gather existing conditions information) as prerequisites before a complete assessment can be made.

PTS’ Solutions Architects will perform a detailed assessment of the current server and storage infrastructure (physical and virtualized) as acquired during the Site Survey and compare to the needs of the organization in the future as acquired during the Needs Analysis. The Assessment – Virtualization Service provides the following outcomes and recommendations for the client:

  • Virtualization of the existing enterprise versus the future need for server and/or SAN virtualization
  • Identification of current virtualization techniques and solutions used throughout the enterprise for IT infrastructure equipment (servers and storage area networks) and recommendations how to improve for cost benefits and performance
  • Targeted opportunities for improved server and SAN virtualization and consolidation to drive enhanced cost structures, performance, and management of the infrastructure
  • Aggressive and Moderate Scenarios for implementation of virtualization within the enterprise
  • Opportunities for enhanced operational flexibility and responsiveness in terms of management, upgrades of servers and applications software, provisioning, configuration, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Alternatives for desktop manageability and security across the enterprise with faster deployments of desktops and fewer support calls due to application conflicts
  • Review of current actual costs, operational flexibility, and responsiveness provided by virtualization of infrastructure versus alternative virtualization strategies
  • Current tools used for server optimization and management of the virtual infrastructure
  • Actual server and SAN spending as a percentage of total IT budget and how this compares if using virtualization strategies

PTS’ Virtualization Assessment Service serves as the assess phase in the progression of the data center project process.

Data Center Project Process Data Center Consulting Data Center Design and Engineering Data Center Products Data Center Construction Data Center Commissioning Data Center Implementation Data Center Monitoring and Control Data Center Operations and Maintenance

Tie all information, statistics and existing conditions together.Objective and Strategic view of the current state
Logical and Feasible options presented utilizing all informationPresentation of Viable business options that can be acted upon with knowledge of scope, schedule and budget before making final decision
Objective view of technology infrastructure and Virtualization benefitsCan leverage knowledge and experience of Senior Virtualization Engineers and Consultants with many years of virtualization, best-practice experience
Assess the server and storage infrastructure as it stands today against future requirements that support growth, data protection, survivability, and overall storage needsEstablishes a reference document for any planning and design related to storage and data protection requirements for the future of the enterprise
Determine the key criteria that will serve as a basis for virtualization designEstablishes the design criteria and better defines the scope to determine your technology requirements and therefore the costs associated with designing and upgrading the infrastructure. The analysis at this stage of the project ensures monetary savings of time and money by avoiding mid-course changes.
Understand the present fault tolerance, disk utilization and load balancing solutions as compared to the future growth modelUnderstanding the level of fault tolerance and RAID disk configurations is important to the overall project cost and design as they relate to business continuity and system fault tolerance
Understand and document existing fiber/ copper cabling design and connectivity and availability requirements with the business’ needs and objectivesUnderstand the existing physical cable infrastructure is critical to ensuring proper connectivity, documentation and ability of the infrastructure to support the technology upgrades with/without an investment in cabling and connectivity
Establish the IT equipment deployment density strategy with future load deployment considerationsUnderstand the planned critical load deployment density on a watt-per-RLU basis and match it to the best cooling systems design methodology
Software Usage ReportsApplication analysis helps build virtual machine templates with the correct combination of applications and proper computational resource sized to match the user population
Cost impact of making design criteria decisionsUnderstand how load, availability, and density decisions impact the project budget as a first step in narrowing the scope to a project that is affordable, yet meets the business’ needs


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