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How Optimal is your Virtual Infrastructure?

PTS is offering a free remote assessment that can start delivering insights on your current VMware environment, across multiple data centers, in less than 10 minutes. The information learned allows you to right-size for cost-efficient hybrid cloud migration, reduce risk, and ensure that your IT infrastructure performs reliably and meets expectations. Think vRealize, but on steroids…

hybrid cloud assessment

In short, we solve scale/sprawl for Large Enterprise and deliver functionality to SMB they could only dream of affording.

We use our agentless, observer-only, software assessment tool in two ways:

  • As an Infrastructure Checkup that examines your vCenter configurations and compatibilities, predicts potential problems, and surfaces opportunities for greater efficiency, or,
  • As a Hybrid Cloud Assessment to start planning your cloud migration to AWS, Google, or Azure. This includes comparing cloud costs, right-sizing your VMs, and optimizing the workloads that remain on premise.

hybrid cloud assessment

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