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PTS’ Hardware Virtualization Consulting Service includes a detailed Needs Analysis, Site Network Survey, Assessment Services and Technology Roadmaps associated with proper deployment of virtualization technology across the enterprise.

white paper data center virtualization consulting servicesHardware virtualization promises to have a major impact on the overall cost structure in the data center. In addition to improved processing efficiencies gained from virtualizing multiple servers on a single hardware platform, there are value gains available in real estate/space, power, and cooling by eliminating a hardware platform for every server. Beyond the server hardware infrastructure, virtualization will have a significant positive impact on storage and workstation infrastructure.

However, as with any exciting new technology, it is critical to avoid certain pitfalls which may happen when looking to the potential exciting results of hardware virtualization. Critical assessments and proper planning are necessary to avoid virtualization “sprawl”, overtaxed processors, inefficient storage access, ineffective backups, and potential security breaches.

Application analysis is achieved through multiple steps. Applications and application usage must be collected, filtered, and sorted into images. After images are generated, users are mapped to those images, and virtual machine templates are sized. The final step is to recommend the placement of users on ESX hosts.

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We are very happy we made the switch to PTS for all our IT management. The transition went smoothly, and the service we receive is outstanding.

– Rosa Schiro, Controller
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IGEA Brain and Spine

Selecting PTS was one of the best decisions we’ve made. The PTS team has done a great job in managing our network, identifying and correcting any issues before they could impact our users, and provides us with a stable work environment for our users.

– Jim Neitzel, CIO
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