Infrastructure Virtualization is quickly becoming the most disruptive technology in years, causing enterprises to rethink and rebuild their data centers from the ground up. Many infrastructure virtualization technologies are available to solve any number of problems, but none of these solutions look at the data center holistically. Also, infrastructure virtualization requires a significant change in an organization’s culture from both an IT and business perspective; moving away from the siloed business unit autonomy position towards a corporate pooled resource perspective, which has the potential to deliver even more significant savings and increased systems agility than those quantified above.

Pwhite paper data center virtualization consulting servicesTS’ Infrastructure Virtualization Consulting Service brings these technologies and organizational critical thinking together – including hardware, operating system, network virtualization, operational management, and organizational structure – to create a complete virtual data center. The service serves as a ‘recommendations’ phase in the progression and evolution of a data center as it expands. The service can work in conjunction with other PTS solutions such as Data Center Optimization,
Consolidation, and Relocation.

PTS’ solutions have been designed to work together to deliver applications to users virtually, helping achieve the many benefits of a shared, virtual data center–including lower hardware costs, better availability, and easier maintenance.

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