Managing IT From the Top Down

Our Focus

Managing IT so you can make better... smarter... faster... and more economical data-driven decisions

Data Center Infrastructure and Operations

In today’s technology-driven world, businesses must adapt to the changing landscape, and transform their IT operations and infrastructure to effectively compete. PTS provides solutions that are easy to implement, easy to maintain, and are both scalable and resilient.

Network Servers
Data Center Racks Servers

Hardware, Software, and Product Procurement

Since 1998, PTS has fostered strong partnerships with manufacturers, vendors, service providers, and customers across the entire world. It is because of these relationships that PTS is able to procure best-in-class products to build safe, secure, reliable, and accessible enterprise-class data centers. With a multi-data center, multi-cloud hybrid approach, PTS is able to seamlessly integrate cloud into the mix.

PTS also provides complete lifecycle management services to ensure your managed infrastructure stays current with the latest equipment, warranty renewals, and software assurance.

PTS has the Right Services for Your Enterprise

PTS can provide expert guidance to complement your in-house IT Team. Even if you have your own CIO/CTO, PTS can extend their team’s IT capabilities to meet the organization’s strategic goals. Let PTS lead you on the journey.

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