PTS’ VEPA service, powered by Cloud Physics, can be utilized as a one-time spot-check, can be run periodically (monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually), or can be run continuously for a year to ensure your environment is running optimally. The results of our virtual environment assessment will help you make well-informed decision regarding fixing, upgrading, migrating or re-building your IT environment.

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VEPA Cloud Physics IT Assessment

Fast, easy, intuitive.

  • The entire process to set up – download, install, and integrate – is typically completed in less than ten minutes
  • Time-to-insights is approximately 15-20 minutes – that’s the time it takes for the initial data payload to be fully processed through the analytics pipeline and ready to view.

Always-on analytics

  • Continuous analysis of infrastructure through unique, granular data collection and data science analytics applications
  • Unique data derivations, correlations, mashups and filters uncover optimization opportunities, and enable transformation simulations.
  • Ongoing “learning” to algorithmically deepen insights and trends
VEPA Cloud Physics IT Assessment
VEPA Cloud Physics IT Assessment

Targeted Assessments

  • Customized analytics, allow IT Professionals and Solution Providers to collectively streamline the evaluation of data center transformations, via simulation
  • Assessments can be generic (e.g. Infrastructure Optimization insights), or highly specific and targeted (e.g. size my environment for my Vendor’s Hyper-Converged infrastructure, or cost out my migration to public cloud)

Configurable dashboards

  • Rich contextual views for surface hot spots, trends, and risks
  • Trending analysis consolidating multiple objects and views, enabling multi-dimensional correlation
  • Varying time series views consolidated into one pane to indicate duration and direction of issues
  • Filtering with configurable scope and type of objects
VEPA Cloud Physics IT Assessment
VEPA Cloud Physics IT Assessment

Exploration mode

  • Interactive ability to analyze changes over time through easily manipulated exploration mode, using time slices with zoom in/out capabilities to evaluate correlations and causation
  • “Correlate in context” to troubleshoot application disruptions with data drawn from VM performance/resource consumption; change/event log; configuration history; and known issues associated with operational hazards and best practices
  • Rich view in the context of the problem and its cause or direction

How it Works

Experience value in less than 15 minutes.

The PTS VEPA solution is software as a service (SaaS), which means you can be up and running in just minutes. The software does all the heavy lifting so you can make sense of the data, and make informed decisions about your enterprise IT.

VEPA Cloud Physics IT Assessment

Once deployed in your environment, our software continuously scans and collects metadata generated by your systems and sends it to our platform for processing. The Observer is a lightweight, agentless virtual appliance that uses read-only API access to grab config, task, and performance data from vCenter.

Once your Observer is deployed, CloudPhysics goes to work: we correlate your VM metadata to datastore metadata to host metadata to knowledge base articles to data about performance of those systems. We automatically correlate any component or system’s metadata against any other – so you don’t have to do it manually.
Minutes later, you can run analytics, apply filters, set thresholds, export to Excel, share insights with your team, drill down to look deep into affected systems, run simulations – there are many ways to interact and explore.


PTS Cloud Physics Data Driven IT Assessment

Data-Driven Insights for Smarter IT

This document answers some of the most common configuration, collection, and security questions related to CloudPhysics' Dependency Map

Case Study: Insights Help Sanofi Transform Global Data Center Operations

Rapid, data-driven diagnosis of performance issues. Maintenance-free SaaS application saves money and time.

How Can PTS Help?

The age of heroic IT administration are over. The foundation of smart collaboration is a data platform (VEPA, powered bu CloudPhysics) where shared analytical views of infrastructure can be created, manipulated, and enriched over time.

Contact PTS immediately to request an IT Assessment.