Disaster Recovery and Backup in One Solution

Continuous Data Protection
Protect against any disruption—planned or unplanned—and deliver an always-on customer experience featuring the lowest RPOs & RTOs in the industry.

Journal-Based Recovery
Rewind to any point in time—from the last 7 seconds to the last 7 years—all with nearly no data loss or downtime.

Zero Production Impact
With Zerto there are no snapshots, removing the performance impact on your production environment. Maintain 24/7 availability without compromising your performance.

Granularity within Seconds
Recover files, applications, VMs, or whole datacenters to a checkpoint mere seconds before an IT disruption or disaster—including a ransomware attack.

Customer Testimonials

More Resilient Together: Disaster Recovery + Backup from Zerto

Realizing the confidence that true IT Resilience brings has never been easier: Zerto’s replication software converges both disaster recovery and backup into one streamlined, comprehensive platform. Your organization can now experience the availability of Continuous Data Protection combined with the granularity of second-by-second Journal-Based Recovery—giving you the power to deliver the best customer experiences every time, all the time.
  • Easy and consistent protection and mobility across any virtualized application and its dependencies
  • Agentless and heterogeneous hypervisor-based replication
  • Granular point-in-time recovery from seconds to years
  • Built-in orchestration, automation and analytics
PTS DRaaS with Zerto

How it Works

Zerto Virtual Replication is extremely easy to install, typically taking under an hour to install and configure. Redundant management interfaces provide multiple entry points during a disaster event.

Virtual Replication Appliances (VRAs) are deployed on each hypervisor host, providing software-defined scalability, replication, and recovery. Each VRA also provides the ability for compression, throttling, and resiliency. Each appliance is very small and because there is one per host, this allows the same protection capabilities to small environments with few hosts as it does for larger environments with many hosts.

VM block-level changes are compressed and sent to the recovery site without requiring snapshots, scheduling, or impacting the production virtual machines.

ZVR Journaling using a thin virtual disk on a per VM basis, allowing you to specify a maximum size, alerts, and datastore. The journal allows the capturing of thousands of points-in-time per VPG and also dynamically reclaims unused disk space back after high amounts of data change.

The rest is received and managed by the Managed Cloud Service Provider to ensure full business continuity throughout.

PTS Zerto DRaaS disaster recovery

Removing Risk with Simple Recovery

PTS Zerto DRaaS disaster recovery


Zerto DRaaS

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Zerto PTS disaster recovery

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How Can PTS Help?

Businesses have many opportunities to improve, automate and streamline their data protection as the digital landscape continues to expand. However, with greater options, organizations face a multitude of challenges when it comes to IT and data management. Public cloud usage is rapidly increasing and IT professionals struggle with how to efficiently migrate and manage data between environments. In addition, continued operational efficiency and budget constraints make meeting recovery objectives in an increasingly distributed world harder than ever.

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