Take the stress out of maintaining your data by removing the manual processes associated with data protection, recovery, monitoring, ransomware protection and compliance. PTS’ Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) with Veeam saves you time and money, while also enabling you to focus less on backup, and more on driving your business forward.

  • Industry-leading Backup & Replication software
  • Designed to be simple, flexible and reliable
  • Built for Cloud, Virtual and Physical
  • Hardware agnostic,  cloud-readyVeeam backup
PTS BaaS with Veeam

Customer Testimonials

After our success with Veeam’s backup capability, we decided to drive revenue growth even further by using Veeam’s replication capability to power a new disaster recovery solution for our cloud-computing clients.
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Jason Yaeger
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Enterprise-grade Data Protection at Your Fingertips

Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) are functions every IT organization must perform, but a comprehensive BDR strategy is often out of reach for companies without the budget or resources to build and maintain an off-site repository. Offloading those data protection duties to the experts means realizing the substantial benefits that come with the move to managed cloud services.

Veeam DRaaS

Improve recovery time in case disaster strikes

A cloud service provider not only enables you to send data backups and replicas off site, but also comes with the IT expertise and services you need to recover quickly and painlessly.

Uncover the benefits of opex pricing models

Take advantage of predictable costs and low ramp-up investments so you can free up funds for business growth and IT innovation.

Veeam DRaaS

Conquer complex regulatory compliance requirements

Many providers maintain the certifications necessary to navigate the maze of regulations associated with migrating to the cloud — so you don’t have to.

Veeam DRaaS

Experience the freedom to innovate

Focus on meeting the unique needs of your business, instead of redundant tasks and break-fix efforts that can be easily and reliably managed by a Veeam service provider.

BaaS & DRaaS Use Cases

Service Provider Data Protection

Sometimes you need a compliant, local cloud that gives you more control than hyperscale clouds can. Veeam service providers build clouds powered by VMware, so they offer you a seamlessly hybrid architecture that harnesses the power of the Veeam solution you’ve come to trust in your on-premises infrastructure.

MSP Backup

Backup and recovery are IT services every company needs, but they aren’t always valued as “strategic IT priorities” (even though we think they should be!). Veeam service providers can take backup and recovery duties off your hands, leaving you more time to focus on innovative and strategic customer initiatives.

Off-site Backup

Your data management needs are complex and growing by the day. Take advantage of flexible off-site backup capabilities from Veeam cloud service providers to achieve mastery over the 3-2-1 Rule and maintain complete visibility and control over your data.


IT administrators have reported experiencing five to 10 unplanned outages every year. Veeam provides the technology to make executing full- or partial-site failover to an off-site repository an affordable and effective reality — and cloud service providers can help you easily achieve it.

Azure and AWS Data Protection

As more production workloads move to big-brand Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure, Veeam cloud service providers can help you reap the benefits of a hybrid cloud or cross-cloud experience without having to manage the complexity.

SaaS Data Protection

Microsoft provides powerful services within Office 365 — but backup isn’t one of them. Cloud service providers can help you eliminate the risk of losing access and control over your Office 365 data, along with clear-cut SLA reporting.

How it Works

PTS Veeam DRaaS
  • Backup, coupled with security, significantly improves overall cyberthreat defense
  • Protection against certain types of ransomware, malicious deletion, and other cyberthreats intent on destroying or corrupting data
  • Backup data is retained in event where both primary and secondary backups are deleted


Veeam backup

Veeam Availability Suite Datasheet

Veeam Availability Suite™ is Veeam’s flagship solution that makes data management simple, flexible and reliable.

Case Study: L&L Energy, Inc.

Veeam Backup Essentials ideal for a small business with limited support staff and budget constraints

Veeam backup

Veeam Backup Essentials Overview

Powerful, affordable and easy to use backup, recovery, monitoring and reporting

How Can PTS Help?

Businesses have many opportunities to improve, automate and streamline their data protection as the digital landscape continues to expand. However, with greater options, organizations face a multitude of challenges when it comes to IT and data management. Public cloud usage is rapidly increasing and IT professionals struggle with how to efficiently migrate and manage data between environments. In addition, continued operational efficiency and budget constraints make meeting recovery objectives in an increasingly distributed world harder than ever.

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