For a fraction of the cost of traditional DR, DRaaS provides enterprise-class, on-demand failover to the public cloud and failback to on-premises data centers. DRaaS offers groundbreaking capabilities in disaster recovery.

  • Recover to an on-demand data center in the public cloud
  • Leverage S3 for cost-effective, forever incremental backups
  • Restore from recent snapshots or old backups
  • Failproof one-click failover and failback to and from the public cloud
  • Consistent operating environment on prem and in the cloud

Customer Testimonials

The efficiency of VMware's DRaaS is great because I can instantly restart my entire datacenter on VMware Cloud on AWS from my backups on AWS S3—I get the best RTO in the business for the least cost. Failproof DR with auditable reports and ransomware recovery significantly reduces our business risk.
datrium disaster recovery
Josh Rein
Network Manager, Ultra Petroleum

DRaaS Offers Groundbreaking Capabilities in Disaster Recovery

Failproof Cloud DR for All VMware Workloads

Get failproof DR with instant RTO for all of your VMware workloads wherever they’re running – SAN, NAS or HCI systems – plus automatic failover from an SDDC in one Availability Zone (AZ) to another AZ. All your DR plans get continuous compliance checks every 30 minutes, ensuring that your DR plan is going to work when you actually need it.

Datrium PTS disaster recovery as a service
Datrium PTS disaster recovery as a service

10x More Cost-Efficient DR

Backups are forever incremental, encrypted, deduped, and stored efficiently in S3. You only pay for VMware Cloud SDDC when you actually need it in a failover event. Failback results in minimal AWS egress charges by transferring only changed and globally deduplicated data.

Instant RTO Restart from Recent Snapshots or Deep Backups on S3

Easily restart instantly from recent snapshots or backups that are months or years old. With converged backup and DR, you have millions of point-in-time consistent recovery points to choose from, so you can quickly restore your entire data center. That can be critical for ransomware attacks, which often only become apparent months after the initial event. Achieve instant RTO with zero copy and no rehydration as ESX hosts directly mount a live NFS datastore hosted in AWS.

Datrium PTS disaster recovery as a service
Datrium PTS disaster recovery as a service

Continuous Compliance and Efficient DR

Achieve failproof DR for lower business risk. ControlShift automatically checks your plan for health and compliance every 30 minutes, so you can be confident your DR plan is going to work when you need it. Built-in audit reports help you meet your compliance objectives.

Consistent Operating Environment On Premises and in the Cloud

Simplify the management of your cloud, on-premises, and DR sites. VMware DRaaS maintains VMs in their native vSphere format and eliminates the need for brittle and time-consuming VM disk format conversions. Manage both your cloud DR site and production sites with vCenter and retain access to familiar abstractions such as clusters, resource pools, data stores, virtual switches, and port groups following a failover.

Datrium PTS disaster recovery as a service
Datrium PTS disaster recovery as a service

Your Complete Solution

With VMware DRaaS, you get a complete solution that delivers comprehensive support, simplified purchasing, and billing. Eliminate the cost and friction caused by multiple point products. You get everything you need for fail-proof on-demand DR to the public cloud in one solution. And you can work with our DRaaS-Select partners.

DRaaS for Edge Environments

Modern data protection and DR for remote offices / branch locations (ROBO). It enables enterprises to store backups both locally and in the cloud, giving them the choice of recovery path based on WAN bandwidth. Get SaaS-simple, centralized deployment and management plus global backup and DR – regardless of where the data resides.

How It Works

Datrium PTS disaster recovery as a service

Production Sites

DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS protects all VMware workloads by using DRaaS Connect. VMware Cloud on AWS production SDDC sites, as well as vSphere environments running on traditional SAN, NAS, and HCI on premises, can be protected with failproof, on-demand DRaaS and instant RTO.

VMware DRaaS Connect

DRaaS Connect is a downloadable, lightweight virtual machine that enables customers to get failproof DR for any vSphere infrastructure and to protect VMs in just minutes. DRaaS Connect for VMware Cloud enables DRaaS to orchestrate failover from a VMware Cloud SDDC in one AWS AZ to another AZ. DRaaS Connect for vSphere On Prem extends VMware DRaaS to any vSphere on-premises infrastructure including SANs, NAS, HCI, and DHCI.

VMware DRaaS

A unified Cloud DR and backup service with recovery to VMware Cloud on AWS.

Cloud Backup

A cloud backup service that automatically runs and stores backups in S3 in a native compressed and deduplicated form.


A DR orchestration service that executes DR plans and provisions and monitors SDDCs in VMware Cloud on AWS.


Software-Defined Data Center, a Cloud DR Site provisioned on demand by ControlShift. SDDC provides a vSphere-based cloud execution environment for operational consistency.


Datrium disaster recovery as a service

DRaaS White Paper

DRaaS with VMware Cloud on AWS is a comprehensive cloud-based backup and disaster recovery service for the protection of Datrium on-premises systems.

See How We Do It

We can help your organization get modern DR in an easy-to-use SaaS solution that eliminates the cost and complexity of traditional DR solutions. We provide cloud-native, on-demand DR with instant RTO for all your VMware workloads. You can be confident that your data is secure in the cloud or on premises and protected against ransomware attacks.