• Monitoring and Analytics: AI-driven infrastructure monitoring and diagnostics, including automated remediation of unexpected issues for your critical backup and DR processes
  • Backup & Recovery: Ensure your data is backed up and recoverable on your terms with various backup and granular recovery options
  • Intelligent Automation: Machine Learning based diagnostics, as well as remediation actions, help resolve issues faster
  • Cloud Portability: If the cloud is part of your data center strategy, be prepared to back up and recover to, from and within the cloud for portability and cost savings.
  • Governance & Compliance: Effectively manage your backups from virtual testing, ensuring that copies of data are recoverable, secure and compliant

Customer Testimonials

John XXIII College

Why Veeam? It just works. It’s intuitive, scalable and reliable. We’re now confident our systems are protected and easily restored if we need. It’s easy to scale and anyone on the team can own the process intuitively and with simplicity.

– Yugon Chobanoff, 
ICT Operations Manager, John XXIII College

Everything You Need to Protect Your Data

veeam backup and replication

Reliable Backup

Back up any workload, achieve shortened backup times and reduce operational costs with the flexibility your business needs.

veeam backup and replication

Fast Recovery

Ensure low recovery time objectives (RTOs) with lightning-fast restores for files, VMs, NAS and applications.

veeam backup and replication

Secure Replication

Use imaged-based replication and streamlined disaster recovery (DR) for increased speed, security and Availability.

veeam backup and replication

Cloud Portability

Migrate or recover any workload to AWS or Microsoft Azure while keeping your backups safe from malicious attacks.

veeam backup and replication

24.7 Monitoring and Reporting

Always stay connected and informed with real-time visibility into your backup, physical and virtual environments.

veeam backup and replication

Proactive Alerting

Quickly mitigate threats to your environment before they develop into real problems and impact Availability.

How It Works

veeam backup and replication
Veeam Backup & Replication™ is prepared to address the next generation of operational challenges head-on with a comprehensive set of enterprisegrade data protection capabilities. Powerful, capable and easy to use, Veeam reduces operational overhead with the flexibility that fits your business and market-leading reliability that you can count on. Veeam Backup & Replication delivers powerful Availability across all cloud, virtual and physical workloads with a simple, flexible and reliable solution. Protect your data no matter the location or workload type.


Veeam backup

Veeam Availability Suite Datasheet

Veeam Availability Suite™ is Veeam’s flagship solution that makes data management simple, flexible and reliable.

Case Study: L&L Energy, Inc.

Veeam Backup Essentials ideal for a small business with limited support staff and budget constraints

Veeam backup

Veeam Backup Essentials Overview

Powerful, affordable and easy to use backup, recovery, monitoring and reporting

How Can PTS Help?

Businesses have many opportunities to improve, automate and streamline their data protection as the digital landscape continues to expand. However, with greater options, organizations face a multitude of challenges when it comes to IT and data management. Public cloud usage is rapidly increasing and IT professionals struggle with how to efficiently migrate and manage data between environments. In addition, continued operational efficiency and budget constraints make meeting recovery objectives in an increasingly distributed world harder than ever.

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