The PTS Thermography Assessment Service uses infrared thermography to analyze the condition of your data center or computer room’s support infrastructure. It may be purchased as a standalone service, or integrated into a regular maintenance program. PTS will supply you with a detailed assessment, enabling you to manage your facilities support infrastructure for optimum performance, extend the life of your critical support infrastructure, and ensure the highest level of system availability.ThermographyThe PTS Thermography Assessment Service uses a digital infrared thermography camera that captures the integrity of the electrical infrastructure in your data center. PTS’ professional service technicians will visit the site and collect data pertaining to:

  • Condition of the power equipment
  • Electrical infrastructure visual inspection
  • Equipment maintenance records

The Thermography Assessment is intended to provide a baseline for maintaining the electrical infrastructure equipment to improve reliability and prevent unplanned downtime. With this data, PTS will develop a comprehensive report that will include:

  • Identify excessively hot terminals on critical support infrastructure
  • Recommend possible courses of further investigation or corrective action
  • Compare results from prior reports to identify equipment terminal temperature trends
Measurement of existing temperature conditions of data center electrical infrastructure using thermal imaging Provides visual representation of excessive equipment temperatures that may be a result of an overload condition, electrical load imbalance, loose connection, corrosion, or misalignment.
Certified infrared thermographer Ensures reliable and repeatable testing results as well as adherence to industry best practices, standards, and guidelines, while allowing your resources to focus on core job responsibilities.
Evaluation of data center electrical infrastructure Provides the customer with an understanding of the integrity of the electrical Infrastructure.
Sub-System Activity
  • Main Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • Disconnects
  • UPS
  • Distribution Panel Boards
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • Air Conditioner Unit Disconnect Switches and Breakers
Use infrared thermography to evaluate all cable and bus terminations (such as UPS input, UPS output, DC connections, etc.) where temperatures exceed industry guidelines.
Provide digital photographs of equipment identified as exhibiting high temperatures with the corresponding thermal image.
Coordinate certified technician in metering and recording electrical current readings for circuits identified as exhibiting a high temperature.
Perform a visual inspection. Check for proper installation practices, damaged equipment, and labeling of circuits.
Document equipment nameplate data, manufacturer, and configuration.
Review maintenance records for the electrical infrastructure and provide recommendations to improve practices as necessary Inspect the grounding configuration and note deficiencies.
Record the condition, battery configuration, topology, and the utilization of existing equipment.

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