Data Centers, Computer Rooms, and Mission-Critical Technical Spaces fully depend on the reliability and safety of their electrical equipment and systems.  PTS performs facility electrical testing services to ensure these systems are operating safely and as expected.

PTS Power Systems Study Objectives:

  • Validation that system can safely support current maximum loads
  • Develop road map to grow site to full build out
  • Maintain 100% of critical power with any single component failure
  • Ability to take any component out of service for repair or service with no impact
  • Identify all components that are at End of Life (EOL), or will be in the next 3 years
  • Create a comprehensive maintenance schedule
  • Provide executive summary of analysis results that will:
    • Identify deficiencies and the recommendations in mitigating them, and
    • Include rough order of magnitude (ROM) cost estimates and preliminary scope-of-work (SOW) definitions.

Electrical Systems Analysis includes the following:

  • Arc Flash WarningThermal, Infrared Survey
  • Ground Resistance Testing
  • Insulation Resistance Testing
  • Power Systems Testing
    • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
    • Short Circuit Study
    • Breaker Coordination


Facility Electrical Testing is part of the PTS project process in the Operations and Maintenance phase:

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