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Grid Location System Description

Whether referred to as data centers, computer rooms, server rooms or white floor spaces, are often complicated physical environments. They can contain hundreds of feet of power and data cabling both overhead and/or beneath the access floor. There can be dozens of switches, power sources and ports, each with its own purpose — and its own location. It’s a difficult environment to organize and manage.

The PTS Data Center Grid System will help you pinpoint the location of any element in your mission critical facility. This is a crucial first step when reconfiguring hardware, replacing cable, or coordinating installation or repair.


Data Center Grid Location System
PTS Data Center Grid Location Markers

The PTS Data Center Grid System plays an equally important role in emergencies. When an emergency strikes the location, everyone on the team must, promptly, swing into action. Everyone must know the exact location of essential equipment, such as sensors, alarms and power sources. Even seconds lost can mean the difference between continuous availability and devastating financial losses due to unplanned downtime.

The System Components

The PTS Data Center Grid System is a simple solution to locate equipment during everyday use and in emergencies. It is an integrated system including a Grid Reference Map and Grid Location Markers, mounted on the walls of your data center. It is usually comprised of numbers in one axis and letters in the other. These markers enable you to exactly specify the coordinates of individual floor tiles.

Additionally, Key Equipment Location Markers can be used to highlight specific essential equipment, cabling, leak detection sensors, power sources, smoke detectors, etc. These markers are usually vertical ceiling pointers and noted on the Grid Reference Map.

PTS Services & Solutions

In an effort to seamlessly deploy this system, PTS can provide all the necessary products and services for the system, including:

  • On-site site survey for creating the Grid Reference Map
  • Custom, wall mounted or ceiling suspended, Grid Location Markers
  • Custom, wall mounted or ceiling suspended, Key Equipment Location Marker
  • Installation of the markers and map

The ability to pinpoint exact locations during normal operations or in an emergency can prevent costly downtime and data loss. PTSs Data Center Grid System enhances the probability of maintaining continuous computer systems operations.

Data Center Grid Location System serves as part of the Operations and Maintenance stage in the progression of the data center project process and data center lifecycle:

Data Center Project ProcessData Center ConsultingData Center Design and EngineeringData Center ProductsData Center ConstructionData Center CommissioningData Center ImplementationData Center Monitoring and ControlData Center Operations and Maintenance

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