Attempting to find a solution for the lack of space in your datacenter? Don’t let a situation like this happen to you: Company X replaces its servers with more compact technology. The new equipment frees up room within the datacenter, but increases the company’s power requirements and produces excess heat. More cooling had to be installed as a counter measure. The new air conditioning units take up more physical space and generator power, negating the benefits Company X derived from the initial datacenter solution.

Catch-22s like this are common in datacenter projects, but can be overcome during the planning phase by looking at your IT environment as a whole. PTS gives careful consideration to the complex interactions of your facility’s elements, so datacenter solutions in one area don’t create problems in another.

PTS offers datacenter solutions for a host of problems. Our solution specialists are responsive to the unique needs of customers. By anticipating problems and developing optimal designs, on time and within budget, PTS provides always available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, manageable and maintainable solutions for mission critical environments.

PTS specializes in products and product-based services that integrate to provide solutions for a host of IT-centric environments including: datacenters, computer rooms, server rooms/closets, MDFs, IDFs, wiring/network closets, phone rooms, network operation centers, command bridges and general office area environments that effectively route power, voice & data to workstations through trading floors.

Our wide-ranging project experience in designing a variety of technical spaces allows PTS to focus on developing datacenter solutions for our customers’ critical systems availability problems before they get out of hand. The ability to manage complexity while emphasizing preventative problem-solving is the key to our success.

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