Moving your data center is no simple task, but it needn’t be an overwhelming one. Let PTS handle the plans for the physical move, organize the people, manage the communications and move the data center computing equipment.

Months of planning can go into organizing a successful data center move. The logistics are complicated by the technology involved and by the scale of the data center move.

PTS will facilitate the process by working with the project leader to summon contractors, movers, IT specialists and others as necessary for weekly planning sessions. Our experts help your company calculate the acceptability of downtime during the data center move. Some companies opt to transfer all data to the new location and launch the new data center before they shut down the old system, thus preventing disruptions. PTS can help you decide what the best option is for your business.

When the data center moving day arrives, PTS’ team can gut the facility, build a new network operating center, install the computer equipment and ferry your data to the new system center. PTS’ design experts will plan exactly how your company wants the relocated data center to look and function. Redundant systems are employed to ensure data protection And testing procedures guarantee the moved data center is failsafe against unanticipated disruptions.

When PTS facilitates a data center move, the outcome is a new facility that accommodates the established needs of your company while allowing flexibility for new service offerings. And, it can all be done without requiring the complete redesign of the IT and support infrastructure or drastic changes outside the normal periods scheduled for maintenance. Our approach maximizes data center flexibility while simplifying the data center moving procedure.

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