Franklin Lakes, N.J. – PTS Data Center Solutions, a leading data center design and consulting firm, announced its new Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Services for data center and computer room design, operations, and maintenance.

PTS utilizes powerful 3-D CFD software for the design, operational analysis, and maintenance for data center and computer rooms of all types and sizes. The goal is to minimize the risk of data center cooling problems as well as increase the overall manageability and performance of the site. CFD software allows PTS to:

  • Select an optimum data center design in the minimum amount of time after considering several CFD-modeled design options
  • Build a CFD baseline model of a site’s cooling dynamics after data center commissioning is complete
  • Predict the effect equipment changes will have on a site before they are implemented, based on the CFD baseline model

“The expansion of our CFD Services is an important step in our efforts to provide better data center designs and improved management of mission critical facilities throughout their lifetime,” said Peter Sacco, president of PTS Data Center Solutions. “Our CFD modeling capabilities enable our clients to save on capital and operational costs, as well as save time by avoiding mistakes during the commissioning of their data centers.”

To request a quote for PTS’s CFD Baseline and/or Maintenance Services, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. The physical address of the location
  2. The square footage of the computer room to be modeled
  3. The number of server cabinets, racks, and stand-alone pieces of equipment in the computer room
  4. The number of IT infrastructure devices (servers, switches, routers, storage arrays, etc.) the computer room supports

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